Esther Wang Parents: Meet Missing Hiker Health Update

People are in a frenzy to know about Esther Wang and her family since they heard about her bravery. Esther Wang went missing after getting separated from her group at one of British Columbia’s biggest parks, Golden Ears Park. After separating from a youth group outing at Golden Ears Park she went missing. Meanwhile, Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue searched more than 62,000 mountainous terrains to locate the missing hiker. Reportedly, volunteers also joined the search operation to locate Esther Wang in British Columbia’s parks. After hearing the story of Esther Wang and how she survive until she was located, people have been left curious to know about her. In the following sections, we have poured in everything that we learned about her and her parents. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

Esther Wang

Who are Esther Wang’s Parents?

Reportedly, Esther Wang spent 3 days alone. She survived on the food that she rationed before she managed to get out of the forest. Prior to finding her way out of the forest, she spent a night on a log. It was no less than a miracle that Esther Wang found her parents on Thursday night at around 9 pm. She separated from her group on Tuesday. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Esther Wang

Teen hiker Esther Wang explained her story of what happened to her last week while talking to a news agency. She said, “I used my phone to make noise in hopes that a person might hear it. Sadly, my phone was dying, and it eventually dropped out of my pocket somewhere when I was hiking.” Esther reported went missing on June 27, 2023. After returning, Esther said she wanted to clear up any questions about what happened the day she went missing and wrote a letter to her volleyball group. She remained missing for around 54 hours till she walked out of Golden Ears Provincial Park on her own.

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Esther Wang

The 16-year-old teen hiker showed too much courage to get out of the forest. Talking about her current health condition, she is well despite being fatigued and eaten by mosquitoes. People are eager to learn about her family but Esther’s family details are a mystery at this time. She is a resident of Langley. The identity of the teen hiker is still not known. Her ethnicity is also to be determined soon. She was completely exhausted when she came out of the park on Thursday night. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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