Is Michael Keetley In Jail? Ice Cream Man Double Murder Retrial

One more murder case has been reported which is in the news and people are talking about it. The accused is identified as Michael Keetley and people want to know if is he in jail. As usual, this case is not new because it happened 13 years back but the case is again in the news. The case began in the year 2010 and is still not solved yet, he has been under cops for a long time but has not pleaded guilty. The probe was not working, and he had his trial last Monday. The details regarding the case have not been updated since. If he is found pled guilty, he might get convicted to lifetime jail.

Michael Keetley

Is Michael Keetley In Jail?

The report states that Michael Keetly has spent over twelve years in prison awaiting a judgment in his case. He has been inside the jail since the year 2011. After the shooting incident in the month of November 2010, the accused pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of 1st-degree killing and 4 counts of attempted killing in the month of January 2011. However, Michael has consistently rejected his involvement in the shooting and has been in prison. Keetly shot 6 individuals; where 2 of them were assassinated, and 4 of them were severely wounded.

Keetly frequently his innocence in the open fire incident on the special day “Thanksgiving Day” in the year 2010. Though counselor-at-law claim he sought revenge when he wrongly shot the wrong person. The case took almost 10 years to get to the court for the very 1st time and after the invalid trial was declared, the new legal team of Keetley and the judge are making preparation in order to retry the case. Indeed, the case has now decided to retry and hopefully more details regarding the case will be revealed soon to the public.

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Michael Keetley

As we mentioned above, the accused, Michael, the ex-ice cream truck driver, was blamed for assassinating 2 brothers, and along with them, 4 others were wounded in the shooting incident. It had happened in the Ocean Mist neighborhood in Ruskin located in Florida where Keetley had gone in order to find a person who was identified as “Kreeper”. Keetlely believed Kreeper to responsible for shooting him. Prosecutors claimed that Keetley had gone on to take revenge and mistakenly killed the wrong person who was not even engaged in the earlier incident.

Michael Keetley

The reports state that the accused pleaded not guilty to 4 counts of attempted 1st-degree killing and 2-counts of 1st-degree murder. The first trial of Keetley concluded in a mistrial that happened in the year 2018 and the new trial was rescheduled to start in the year 2021.

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