What Happened To Erica Lindbeck? Voices actor exits Twitter following harassment

In recent news, it was reported that Persona 5 actor, Erica Lindbeck got her exit from Twitter as the actor was harassed. Currently, the fans are left in a state of frenzy. You are required to read the complete article to learn more details about the news. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News. To never miss any updates, you can subscribe to our website.

Erica Lindbeck Voices

What Happened To Erica Lindbeck?

Recently, it was reported that the Voice actress in Persona 5, Erica Lindbeck has decided to leave Twitter following an incident where she was attacked for requesting the removal of a video that utilized her voice through AI technology. Lindbeck is a well-known and respected voice actor in the industry, having worked on various anime and video game projects, including popular games such as Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, and Marvel Comics. In Persona 5, she portrays the character Futaba Sakura, also known as Oracle. Despite being an active Twitter user, Lindbeck was forced to leave the platform due to the hatred she received regarding the use of AI-generated voice-acting covers.

In recent times, the rise of the AI generation has sparked significant discussions and concerns. Many argue that it poses a threat to creativity and livelihood, particularly within industries that heavily rely on artistic expression. Notably, AI-generated art has already been banned in certain circles. Similarly, AI-generated voice acting has become a prominent topic of debate. A number of videos have emerged, utilizing a voice database to create content in which characters say things that they would never say in their original source material. Lindbeck, as an actor, feels uneasy about her voice being used in AI-generated covers of her character.

There has been a prevailing sentiment within the industry against AI voice acting, which has been voiced by influential figures such as Jennifer Hale and David Hayter. Various actors have come forward to support Lindbeck and have argued that those who drove her away failed to grasp the consequences or appreciate her perspective when she requested the original publisher to remove the video.  However, Lindbeck faced backlash from users who viewed the video as harmless. In response, many voice actors and industry professionals came to Lindbeck’s defense. They argued that the use of AI-generated content without an actor’s consent was essentially stealing their voice and exploiting their identity and livelihood.

In addition, actors expressed concern that such content could harm their careers, as engaging in voice work outside of contracted performances could lead to legal repercussions. The advanced capability of AI to copy speech further raised concerns about potential legal ramifications in the future. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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