E-Creator Zimbabwe Scam Explained

A scam that happened in Zimbabwe turned the eyeballs of people from around the world. Here we are talking about the E-Creator Zimbabwe scam that has been the topic of the town for the past many days. In July 2023, people suddenly heard about the shutdown of a company named E-Creator which allegedly fled with more than $1 million USD and cheated the people who paid for its membership. E-Creator is one of the biggest frauds happened to people in Zimbabwe in recent years. This is why everyone in the country is scrambling to the internet to know how did E-Creator work and what were the red flags. We have explained this fraud in detail in the following section of this article. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

E-Creator Zimbabwe

E-Creator Zimbabwe scam explained

E-Creator was a firm that promised people to earn by just sharing positive reviews on e-commerce sites worldwide. In Zimbabwe, the service E-Creator provided is referred to as a Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme. When the fraud came to light, it came to know that E-Creator fled with over USD $1 million of the member of the company. The company was scammed for one million USD in just a couple of months as the company started in April 2023 and it shut down in July 2023. Swipe down the page and read more details.

E-Creator came with various packages that required people to pay an amount ranging from US$15 to US$300 as a registration fee and then post positive reviews on products sold on these platforms. The reviews had to follow certain guidelines provided by the company. For this work, the members were promised to get money according to the number of reviews they posted and the number of referrals they brought to E-Creator. Swipe down the page and read more details about E-Creator.

What were the red flags? People could have understood E-Creator was a scam at the very beginning as it had several red flags like the company asking for upfront registration money without providing any legit proof. The company had not any head office, official website, and email address. It was functioning mainly through WhatsApp groups, Facebook, and YouTube videos. Furthermore, the company did not provide any invoices, receipts, or contracts to the people who paid for its membership. It also did not have any customer service or support system. The company offered unrealistic returns as it claimed one could earn up to US$1,000 per month by posting 10 reviews per day.

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