How to Enable Dark Mode in Instagram Threads On iOS and Android: Step-By-Step Guide

Since Meta’s Threads App launched, it has been continuously making headlines and leaving people extremely curious about it. It is almost certain that Twitter now has a competitor in the market after Threads App’s launch. Within 24 hours more than 8 million signups were registered after its launch. Although, the Twitter-like Instagram app Threads certainly lacks some important features including its dark theme. Many users have been trying to set their Threads App on Dark Mode but they are facing difficulty in changing its display theme. How to enable dark mode in Instagram Threads? We have answered this question comprehensibly in the further section of this article. Stick with this page and learn how to change from the light theme to the dark theme in Threads.

Enable Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode in Instagram Threads

As the new social media app is launched recently, its updates will come as the days pass. But it seems that META developers forget to implement a dark theme mode in the app because it is one of the basic features of any app nowadays. Many are wasting time in finding the option to change from the light theme to the dark theme in the Threads app but there is no option in the app’s setting to toggle dark mode. Yes, you read it right, users can not change the theme mode in the Threads app for now. Then, how to enable or use the Threads app in dark mode? We have found a solution to use this app in dark mode. Read the following sections carefully. Swipe down.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Instagram Threads On iOS and Android

  1. Open your device’s settings app
  2. Find your Display or Brightness setting
  3. Toggle Dark Mode on
  4. Head to Threads

People can use this app in dark mode but not through the app’s settings but from their phone or operating system’s settings. For iOS users. Users have to go to their operating system’s settings and then click on Display & Brightness setting. After entering the Display & Brightness settings you will see the option to enable Dark appearance. Click on the Dark appearance option to use the Threads App in Dark mode. The Android users read their procedure to use the same app in night mode. Scroll down.

If you are an Android user, you have to do just enable the dark mode of your mobile phone. It can be done from your phone’s Quick settings or you can search for Dark Mode/ Night Mode in your phone’s settings app. After enabling your phone’s dark theme you will use the Threads App in dark mode until you change your phone’s display theme.

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