Ian Miles Cheong Wikipedia: How Old Is The Journalist Ian Miles Cheong?

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Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong Wikipedia

After making pro-Israel remarks, this cynical journalist has done it again and is receiving attention. Ian Miles Cheong’s Wikipedia searches have increased in the midst of this. Formerly well-known in the gaming community and as one of Reddit’s most prominent moderators, Ian Miles Cheong has turned his attention to making political commentary about the United States, gaining a lot of attention on Twitter. At first, Cheong was heavily embroiled in the 2014 Gamergate incident, a contentious discussion that brought attention to the gender imbalances in the gaming industry and resulted in widespread abuse. Cheong came to identify as a “turbo-feminist” around this time and spoke out in favour of female gaming developers like Zoe Quinn.

Ian Miles Cheong

But as time went on, his passions and public position changed, and he began to become more involved in the intricate world of politics rather than the game industry. This change is a major turning point in Cheong’s career and demonstrates his versatility and wide variety of themes of interest. Born on October 10, 1983, Ian Miles Cheong is a Malaysian journalist and writer who has made substantial contributions to the gaming industry and political commentary. He is particularly well-known among right-wing circles. Despite living in Malaysia, Cheong, who is 40 years old, has gained notoriety for his active participation in American politics via social media.

He has received praise and criticism from different online forums for his unusual stance. Although Cheong’s early work was mostly focused on covering gaming news, his role in the Gamergate incident in 2014 was a turning point in his career. Originally, he took a more progressive stand and protected female game creators from harassment. But his opinions moved to the far right, demonstrating a substantial change in his political analysis. Despite his prominence, there has been controversy throughout his career. Cheong was banned from Reddit in 2012 for advertising his websites without giving due credit. In addition, he faced criticism for earlier remarks praising Adolf Hitler, which he later clarified were motivated by his involvement in particular gaming communities.

Despite the discussion and controversy these shows have generated, Cheong has not stopped leaving his mark. In addition to his political analysis, Cheong co-runs the “Hype Break” YouTube channel, where he explores politics and video games while retaining his prominence in both fields. His journey highlights a career full of accomplishments and controversy by reflecting a nuanced fusion of political debate and gaming culture. Conservative pundit Ian Miles Cheong, who is well-known for his involvement in American politics and game industry comments, was lately the subject of online rumours about possible sedition charges and a possible death in Malaysia.

Following a New Straits Times report that featured a thread by the contentious X (formerly Twitter) user @CensoredMen, these rumours surfaced in February 2024. Due to Malaysia’s stringent laws on pro-Israel statements, Cheong’s defence of Israel, especially during the battle with Hamas, was criticised in this thread, raising questions about his legal safety. Malaysia, a nation with a mainly Muslim population, has a history of using its sedition laws to look into and detain people who make pro-Israeli remarks.

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