Temidayo Awe Parents: Meet her Father and Mother

People are curious to know more about Temidayo Awe and her parents. What did she do? Who are her parents? You will get complete details about Temidayo Awe in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Temidayo Awe

What Did Temidayo Awe Do?

Temidayo Awe is said to be responsible for the murder of Saul Murray. Temidayo did not plan to kill Saul but only steal his Rolex watch. When she was not able to steal his watch, this leads to the murder. Another suspect involved, Surpreet Dhillion, especially targeted Saul. He was captured through the Instagram page where he was believed to be having Rolex watches. Surpreet is also a mother. People are curious to know more about Temidayo Awe’s parents.

Who Are Temidayo’s Parents?

Temidayo is a 21-year-old student at Coventry University. She came to meet Saul Murray for a having a housemate. While Temidayo and Surpreet were inspired by his watches and luxury shown on Instagram. People are curious to know about Temidayo Awe’s parents. The footage shows that they arrived at his home. Awe was also seen leaving the apartment.

Later, she was also shown making a phone call. She was seen feeling guilty about the murder. Three people have been charged with the murder. Temidayo is one of the three. She also feels guilty about letting her mother down. She is charged with her murder on 27th February 2022. currently, she has been charged with manslaughter and seven years imprisonment. Who all are in Temidayo’s family?

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Who All Are In Temidayo Awe’s Family?

Temidayo Awe is a student studying at Coventry University. Temidayo Awe’s parent’s details are not mentioned yet. We don’t have many details about his family yet. This was all about Temidayo Awe’s family details. Let us conclude the above.


Temidayo is said to be involved in murder and has been charged with manslaughter and 7 years of imprisonment. She has found herself guilty of the incident and responsible for disappointing her mother. She was seen at the victim’s house. She was having the main intention to steal Murray’s Rolex watches. When she failed to do so this resulted in the murder.

She was seen having a call after she went out of Murray’s house. She was charged on February 26, 2022. This was all about Temidyo’s murder case and her family. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more details about your favorite celebs.

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