Devynne Charlton Parents: Meet Bahamian athlete Father David and Mother Laura

Devynne Charlton Parents

In this article, we are going to learn about Devynne Charlton’s parents. She is one of the most trending women on social media currently. She is the women’s 60mg world record setter. A lot of people on social media are currently interested in learning about her mother and father. People are early waiting to learn about the people who are incredibly proud of her accomplishments. People are also interested in learning about Devynne Charlton’s sister. So to know all the details about her family, read this article till the end and do not miss any line of this article.

Devynne Charlton
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Devynne Charlton Parents: Mother And Father Details

A lot of people on social media er currently interested in learning about the parents of Devynne Charlton. So according to the information, she was born to her parents in Nassau, Bahamas. Her mother’s name is Laura Charlton and her father’s name is David Chalton. She grew up surrounded by the love and support of her mother and father in her hometown.

Devynne Charlton’s father is a former track and field athlete. Her wad father was a track and field athlete at toward University. She followed in the footsteps of her father, her father and mother have always remained a big support hand on her. They are extremely proud of their daughter. They feel proud of their daughter’s accomplishments.

Devynne Charlton
(Image Source: Instagram/@dvynn_)

It has been claimed that Devynne Charlton’s father has completed his alma meter in the 400m hurdles and the 4100-meter relay. He was also part of a 4100m relay team that established an NCAA record in 1982. He had a great love for track till now. Because of his love for track and sports, he becomes a dedicated coach. The former athlete has guided the Bahamian team to secure a gold medal in the 4*100 meter relay at their 2012 Olympic Games. Scroll down to the next paragraph of this article to learn more.

David Chalton later went on to become a mechanical engineer and now he worked in the same field. His love for sports led him to establish the Star Trackers Track & Field Club. This club officially offers specialized training for sprints and hurdles for primary and high school students. The professional of Devynne Charlton’s mother is not known yet. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Devynne Charlton
(Image Source: Instagram/@dvynn_)

Devynne Charlton Sister

Now it’s time to learn about Devynne Charlton’s sister. Devynne has grown up alongside her two sisters. Yes, she has two sisters Lauren and Anthaya Charlton. They both are the major parts of her life. The specific details of her sisters have not been disclosed till now. Even the details of the age gap of all three sisters have not been publicly disclosed till now. According to the source, similarly to Devyne, her sister Anthaya also has a great passion for track and field. She is currently uprising it at the University of Kentucky.

Devynne Charlton’s other sister Lauren, is an alumna of Michigan State University. It is not known whether she is involved in the world of sports or not. Their parents have been supportive of all of them. Because of that all of their sisters are doing great in their careers at this point of time in their lives. Devynne Charlton’s siblings can be seen supporting and cheering each other on their respective endeavors.

Devynne Charlton’s parents have also felt proud of her and also of their other daughters. Devynne Charlton is a great Bahamian athlete of the current time who specializes in the 100-meter hurdles. She is the silver medal winner of the 60m hurdles at the World Indoor Championships in 2022. Stay tuned to PKB News as we always bring some great informative articles for you.

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