Dai Henwood Cancer diagnosis for 2 years, now hosting comedy show fundraiser

Famous comedian Dai Henwood left his fans shocked and stunned when he revealed that he has been suffering from cancer for more than the past two years. Yes, you heard it right, comedian Dai Henwood hid cancer diagnosis for around two years while hosting the comedy show. Now it came to know that the comedian has undergone nearly rounds of chemotherapy as he is diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer. Despite numerous surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy, Dai Henwood kept his illness secret from the audience. He revealed his illness earlier this year in January when he talked about his diagnosis openly on prime-time television. Since Dai Henwood opened up about his illness, his fans are talking over their social media handles to pour their best wishes for his speedy recovery and good health. Reportedly, the comedian is now organizing a fundraiser to combat cancer. Let’s delve deep into the details and learn more about his health and illness. Swipe down the page.

Dai Henwood Cancer

Dai Henwood Cancer

Currently, Dai Henwood is 45 years of age and he is battling with stage four bowel cancer which he hid from the public’s eye for nearly 2 years. In the past two years, the comedian has undergone numerous surgery and chemotherapies. When he opened up about his illness, Dai Henwood received immense support and love from his fans. He was not prepared at all to receive more than 7000 messages in 48 hours.

Dai Henwood Cancer

Yes, Dai Henwood said, “I got more than 7000 messages in just 48 hours, from basically every single person I’d met in my life, and many I hadn’t. I didn’t quite realize the effect I’d had on people through my comedy, and I found it very humbling.” People also shared their experiences of having cancer to make the comedian feel better and stronger. He also said, “What surprised me most was how much cancer there is in New Zealand – I didn’t actually realize the magnitude of it. I was like, wow, this is everywhere – but that also made me feel less alone.”

Dai Henwood Cancer

However, Henwood is now giving every single update on his illness and health. He shares information and advice in his TikTok videos. This year he was also named the ANZ ambassador for the 2023 Cancer Society Daffodil Day appeal. In addition, he also organized a live-to-air comedy show to raise money. His show is titled “The Project”, announced on Monday. Henwood added being able to raise awareness and funds for an amazing organization like the Cancer Society is something that really gets me excited.

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