Chinguacousy Secondary School: 13-Old-Boy Struck By Driver While Riding E-Scooter In Brampton Dies

In recent news, it was reported that a young boy, 13 years of age got struck by a driver while riding an e-scooter in Brampton and has reportedly died. You are required to read the article for more information and details in regard to this news. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Chinguacousy Secondary School

13-Old-Boy Struck By Driver

A tragic incident took place on June 14 at 4:30 pm at Sugarhill when a 13-year-old boy from Brampton was suspected injured in a collision earlier this month has reportedly lost his life. The news was confirmed by the police officials of that former area. Reportedly, the teen who has been identified by family only as Makhai, was struck by a driver on June 14 while riding an electric scooter. The accident took place shortly before 4:30 pm in the area of Sugarhill and Orangegrove Drives, which is west of Chinguacousy Road and south of Wanless Drive. Scroll down to the next section for more details.

Struck By Driver While Riding E-Scooter In Brampton Dies

As we looked into the matter deeply, according to Peel Regional Police, the teen was riding an e-scooter on the roadway when he was not hit by the driver of a black Nissa Altima. They further added that the motorist remained at the scene and is cooperating completely with the investigators, on the investigation. Reportedly, the victim is suspected to be a 7th-grade student who was initially taken to a local hospital with serious injuries but was transferred to the hospital for sick children in life-threatening conditions shortly. Tragically, he could not make it and died there on the morning of June 19.

Currently, the family is mourning the loss of their 13-year-old son after he died in hospital after almost a week of being hit by a car in Brampton, Ontario. The family has issued a statement stating that they are incredibly heartbroken about Mahkai but also extremely thankful for the outpouring of love and support from friends and strangers alike who have shared their unconditional kindness with us in our time of grief. They further said wrote that they would like to thank the doctors and nurses at Sick Kids Hospital for the care and effort they provide to their son, Mahkai. Knowingly, the family friend, Paul Parhar has set up a crown funding page to help Mahkai’s family pay for funeral expenses. Thank you for being a patient reader. If you find this news informative, then feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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