Chick Fil A Murder Suicide: Rome police investigating

In the early morning of Wednesday, 5th April 2023, a horrifying incident happened outside the restaurant which stirred up the area. People are scared as well as angry with the incident and demanding the police take the matter seriously and ensure the safety of the public. The report states that is a murder-suicide case. The killer first killed his former girlfriend and then took his own life. The family of the victim is currently devastated by the news and thinking it to be fake but sadly it is true and the mother of 7 has lost her life at the hand of her former beau.

Rome Ga Murder Suicide
Cassie Davis (Supplied)

Many people want to know the motive for the killing and the family of the victim described the killer as a jealous and freaky man. According to the reports, A Chick-fil-A drive-thru based in Rome abruptly turned into a horrific crime scene. A man walked up to the car of a woman, lethally shot her, and then with the same gun he shot himself. Many commuters watched this horrifying scene and states that the incident happened when they were waiting in line for breakfast. The Police Department of Rome was called to the fast-food restaurant on Shorter Avenue around 07:00 AM.

As stated by the department in the released statement, initially, it was reported as a car crash with wounds. But later on, they got to know that it had actually been a case of a shooting. The preliminary probe points out that Cassie Davis, who had recently turned 39 on Friday, 31st March 2023, was waiting in the drive-thru when the suspect pulled into the parking lot, came out of his car, and shot her 3 times through the passenger-side window. The suspect was identified as Anthony Green, 56. In further addition to this, after killing his former girlfriend, the suspect turned the gun on himself and shot.

He died on the spot and the victim was also announced dead. Chris Giles, the Deputy Coroner of Floyd County states that the foot of Davis came off the brake after she died, her car then rolled forward and hit the power box prior to going down an embankment into traffic, which is why the incident was at first reported as a car crash. The reports state that no other vehicles were engaged. However, the homicide investigators have not shared the details about what may have sparked the shooting, but Giles asserted that the two had previously been in a domestic relationship. After the incident, the restaurant was closed on Wednesday, 5th April 2023. The general manager issued the statement on the same day and expressed his sorrow over the lethal incident.

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