60 Minutes: Afghanistan Girls Describe How They Escaped The Taliban

Even in the 21st century, the condition of women has not changed. However, we are not saying that nothing has changed as we still live in a patriarchal society where men always want to suppress women. The condition of women in Islamic countries is more miserable than in other countries especially since the situation is quite challenging in Afghanistan women are facing many serious problems there and the worst thing is that they can’t complain about it. The rules for women are always strict in Islamic countries but ever since the Taliban takes control of Afghanistan the situation get worse recently Afghan girls have talked about their condition and how they escaped the Taliban.

60 Minutes Afghanistan
Image: 60 Minutes YouTube

60 Minutes Afghanistan Story Shared By Girls

This week on 60 minutes, correspondent Lesley Stahl reported on an entire girls’ Afghan boarding school named School of Leadership Afghanistan, SOLA. This Afghan boarding school was forced to run away from Kabul when the Taliban counterfeit control of this nation in the month of August 2021, after the exit of the military of the United States in Afghanistan. The educational institution migrated to Rwanda, where it educates and teaches girls in the 6th through 12th grades. Several of its high school pupils are now attending boarding schools overseas.

For those who are not aware the Taliban has banned girls’ education and only they can’t get anything beyond a 6th-grade education. This ban has shattered the dreams of young girls and women in the country and then they decide to leave the country and shifted to other countries so that they can at least get educated. Last year in the summer season, the high school pupils of SOLA practiced public speaking, 1 hour listened to the 1st-hand accounts of the last moments they spent in Afghanistan and how badly they want to complete their education and value it. The videos of these pupils are posted online and people can watch them easily on any website.

60 Minutes Afghanistan

We are not going to tell you the tale of hope. About the group of Afghan girls who are in an educational institution. They are studying at SOLA. It was begun by a young and ambitious Afghan woman named Shabana Basij-Rasikh, who was familiar firsthand with the power and importance of education. They had to elope from Afghanistan in a harrowing run away, and we discover the girls of SOLA returned to the classroom. As we mentioned above SOLA relocated to an African nation, Rwanda which was once the site of the scary genocide that assassinated close to a million and left two million refugees.

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