CCL 2023 Points Table: Follow Celebrity Cricket League LIVE Standings

Let’s talk about the 6th match of CCL 2023. People have their favorite teams, now the amazing teams are ready to face each other in the playground in the game. Yes, we are talking about Bengal Tigers vs Telugu Warriors (CCL 2023, match 6) This game was outstanding and entertaining. People got entertained by the fantastic match. Fans got mesmerized because both teams were ready with their styles as they played well in the previous match. People were waiting with curiosity for the further match, which is going to be between Bengal Tigers and Telugu Warriors. The upcoming game will be fully entertaining.

CCL 2023 Points Table

CCL 2023 Points Table

The Telgu warriors move to the top of the table with 4 points and a net run date of 2.229. They defeated the Bengal Tigers by eight wickets in Jaipur on Saturday, February 25, and moved. On the other hand, Bengal is placed sixth on the table and is yet to open its account in the championship. As we know the match was held between the tigres and the Warriors. it was a competitive affair as both teams had equal chances of winning. Jishu Sengupta was at his very best because he made 83 runs and helped the Bengal team set a high target of 115 for the Warriors to chase down.

1Telugu Warriors22042.229
2Karnataka Bulldozers22041.871
3Bhojpuri Dabanggs22041.568
4Chennai Rhinos21121.34
5Mumbai Heroes2112-1.591
6Punjab De Sher2020-1.263
7Bengal Tigers2020-1.45
8Kerala Strikers2020-2.784

The football teams were ready to surprise with their amazing moves in the game. They will play the match and make it more delightful for their fans. Fans are very excited to be delighted with the game. So fans were ready and held their heart to watch the match because the teams are outstanding and fantastic in the game.  We will give you authentic information in this article, The date of the match, Time, Venue, Scoreboard, lineup, prediction, and other information as well. Let’s continue the article

CCL 2023 Points Table

Where To Watch CCL 2023 On TV Channel?

  • Zee Anmol Cinema – Hindi
  • & Pictures – English
  • Zee Thirai – Tamil
  • Zee Cinemalu – Telugu
  • Zee Picchar – Kannada
  • Flowers TV – Malayalam
  • PTC Punjabi – Punjabi
  • Zee Bangla Cinema – Bangla
  • Zee Biskope – Bhojpuri

Nevertheless, Ashwish Babu and  Akhil Akkineni of the Warriors come out firing on all cylinders. The duo played amazingly and made sure that the Warriors pursue the target with several as 11 balls to spare. At the start of the day. The Dabanngs are ready for the face-off on 5 March in Trivandrum. The warriors, who are sitting well at the top position on the scoreboard, will next face off with Sonu Sood’s Punjab De Sher. Fans are expecting the upcoming match will be very interesting as the previous match. So get ready all the fans to enjoy the face-off on  5 March. Stay tuned for more updates.

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