C S Sudheer Arrested Over Freedom App Fraud, Charged Details

Just recently, it came to hear that Banashankari Police summoned the Chief Executive Officer of IndiaMoney Freedom App named C S Sudheer. Have heard this name before? Definitely, the whole country is aware of the Freedom App fraud. However, the arrest of the CEO of Freedom App was awaiting for the past many years. Recently, a report claimed that the CEO of Freedom App has been summoned. What are the charges against him? Has the CEO of Freedom App C S Sudheer been arrested? Indians have been thrown into a frenzy with various questions related to C S Sudheer’s arrest news. Through this article, we have tried to answer each and every imperative question linked to this news. Thus, we ask you to stay tuned to this page for a while and read this column till the end. Kindly take a look below and must go through all the sections. Scroll down the page.

C S Sudheer Arrested

Who Is C S Sudheer? Arrested Over Freedom App

C S Sudheer is an entrepreneur and he is widely popular for being the CEO and founder of Freedom App. Reportedly, the CEO of Freedom App used to sell milk before starting his entrepreneurial journey. But his hard work and dedication led him to climb the ladder of success. Now it is been rumored that Indian entrepreneur C S Sudheer has been arrested. Is it true? Read more details in the following sections of this article.

C S Sudheer Arrested

It is true that C S Sudheer was summoned by the Banashankari Police to appear at the hearing concerning an alleged fraud case. Reportedly, the summon was sent to C S Sudheer following an FIR was registered against him in connection with a fraud case, to inform him that he has to appear at the hearing within three days. Who is the accuser? Read further details in the following section. Drag down the page.

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C S Sudheer Arrested

The CEO of Freedom App is accused by a woman known as Nayana. Reportedly, Nayana claimed that she was fraud by C S Sudheer and his group for a job. Meanwhile, an FIR was lodged at the Banashankari Police Station. However, the CEO of Freedom App has been granted temporary anticipatory relief. Thus, it is not true that C S Sudheer was arrested. He was just only summoned to appear in the hearing. Sources claimed that as many as 21 people have complained against C S Sudheer. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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