Burger King Thailand Real Cheeseburger With 20 Slices: Check Total Calories

Recently, Burger King Thailand unveiled an amazing menu item that has gained the interest of cheese fans everywhere. This massive dish, known as the “Real Cheeseburger,” has a whopping 20 slices of American cheese slathered in a sesame bun. Burger King Thailand Real Cheeseburger photos are currently going viral on all social media platforms. Burger lovers were fascinated and delighted after Burger King Thailand’s Facebook post on 9th July 2023. The advertisements featured 20 perfectly melted slices of American cheese, creating a visual extravaganza that piqued the interest of both cheese lovers and curious diners. The “Real Cheeseburger” was priced at 109 Thai Baht ($3.14), which is much less than the ordinary cheeseburger’s price of 380 Thai Baht ($10.95).

Burger King Thailand Real Cheeseburger Calories

Burger King Thailand Real Cheeseburger Calories

While the “Real Cheeseburger” was depicted in promotional materials as being tempting, several consumers who had sampled the burger reported a different experience. They posted pictures of their interactions with the cheesy burger on social media. Opinions on the overall attractiveness of the burger were mixed as a result of some photographs showing the cheese slices packed up cold and rigidly. Richard Barrow, a travel journalist from Thailand, said that he found it difficult to eat even half of the burger while wondering whether cooking it may improve the flavor.

As varied as the melting properties of its cheese slices, opinions on the “Real Cheeseburger” exist. Supporters of the original design applaud Burger King Thailand’s creative strategy and the reduced pricing, especially given the amount of cheese. They like the chance to indulge in a unique cheese experience. However, some contend that the abundant cheese overpowers the flavors of the other components, making it difficult to eat. There is no clear winner in the argument among foodies over the burger’s extreme size and level of cheese.

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Burger King Thailand Real Cheeseburger

The “Real Cheeseburger” will only be offered for a brief period of time, according to Burger King Thailand, which increases its attractiveness and originality. This technic seeks to spark interest and persuade people to sample the burger while it’s still available.

The “Real Cheeseburger” has surely made a lasting impact on both Thai residents and foreign tourists, whether it is viewed as a grand masterpiece or an overpowering achievement. The “Real Cheeseburger” from Burger King Thailand has gone viral on social media, enthralling cheese lovers and igniting conversations on a variety of platforms. Customers have been both delighted and challenged by the burger due to its appealing appearance and lowered pricing. This inventive dish shows Burger King’s decision to innovate and offers a memorable experience.

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