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Finally, the Boruto Chapter 78 is out. Chapter 78 of Boruto is all yours. The much-awaited chapter of this manga series has been released. Fans were desperately waiting for this chapter. Boruto Chapter 78 was released with the title “Super Idiot”. In this article, we will discuss some insights into Super Idiot Chapter 78 of the Boruto series. Before moving forward, let us tell you that this article would give spoilers from Boruto Chapter 78 if you have not watched it yet. People who are interested in learning the synopsis of Boruto Chapter 78 are asked to stick with this page and must go through the following sections. Kindly drag down the page and take a look at the sections given further.

Boruto Chapter 78 Review

Boruto Chapter 78 Review

The latest chapter takes the series close to the time skip as fans see Boruto with the scar on his eye that was shown at the start of the series. This chapter focuses on various key points of the story and clears up much of the perplexion from the last chapter. In the last chapter of Boruto, Chapter 77 Kawaki decided to kill Boruto. But as a precaution, he sent Hinata and Naruto somewhere else so that he could carry out his plan without any obstruction. Read More: One Piece Chapter 1076 Spoilers Reddit: OMG HE’S BACK?!

Talking about Boruto Chapter 78 starts where it ended in the previous chapter. Shikamaru got to know that the Chakra of naruto and Hinata had disappeared from the Uzumaki residence. But they discovered that Kawaki’s chakra had been listed a few months ago. Meanwhile, Himawari came home and saw that Hinata and Naruto were missing. After learning about the situation, Boruto rushed out of the room to find Kawaki. Furthermore, Eida had seen the talks between Kawaki and Naruto using her Senrigan and she had asked that Kawaki was hatching a conspiracy to kill Boruto one more time. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Boruto Chapter 78 Review Boruto Chapter 78 Review

Sarada got to know for the first time that Kawaki was the one who had killed Boruto. Shikamaru later cleared up the reason for Kawaki’s actions. Sarada dashed towards Boruto so she wouldn’t have to leave him alone again. Boruto crosses paths with Kawaki in the next scene of chapter 78. Kawaki told Boruto, he used the Shinjutsu Dai Kokuten to send Hinata and Naruto to a place where time stopped. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates about the Boruto manga series.

Boruto Chapter 78 Review Boruto Chapter 78 Review


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