Boosie Badazz Threatened His Daughter With Black Eye: Watch Diss On Daughter And Her Mother

Boosie Badazz, also known as Torrence Ivy Hatch Jr., is a renowned American rapper. He embarked on his rap journey in the 1990s as a member of the hip-hop group Concentration Membern Camp. In the year 2000, Hatch made the pivotal decision to launch his solo career, marked by the release of his debut album, “Youngest of da Camp.” He signed with Trill Entertainment, which was founded by Pimp C, in the following year. Subsequently, he left the label to release his second studio album, “For My Thugz.” Boosie has emerged as one of the most prominent figures in Southern hip-hop, boasting an impressive discography that includes 44 mixtapes, seven collaborative albums, and thirteen solo studio albums.

Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz Threatened His Daughter

In 2009, Hatch faced legal troubles and was sentenced to a four-year prison term for narcotics and firearms-related offenses. His legal battles continued in 2010 when he was convicted on multiple counts of drug possession with the intent to distribute, resulting in a 10-year sentence, alongside his first-degree murder indictment. It’s worth noting that he was acquitted of the murder charge in 2012. Many fans and internet users are keen to learn about Boosie Badazz’s relationships and family life, particularly details about his children and their mothers.

Boosie Badazz

However, it’s essential to acknowledge that information about celebrities’ personal lives can evolve, and specific details may have changed since my last knowledge update in September 2021. To obtain the most up-to-date information about Boosie Badazz’s family and personal life, you can explore recent news articles, interviews, or his official social media profiles. Many people are curious to know about Boosie Badazz’s relationships, particularly with his baby mamas.

Boosie Badazz

Walnita Decuir Hatch, a 33-year-old American woman, gained recognition for her connection with the famous American rapper Boosie Badazz. Besides her association with Boosie, Decuir Hatch is renowned as an author, business executive, and the founder of a cosmetics company. Among all the women Boosie has been romantically involved with, his longest-lasting relationship has been with Walnita Decuir Hatch. This has led to numerous speculations, both in the public and the media, suggesting that the couple is married. However, the reality is that Walnita is not married to Boosie, and there’s no indication that they will tie the knot, even though some of her followers refer to her as “Mrs. Badazz.” Despite their enduring relationship, Boosie Badazz and Walnita Decuir Hatch share the view that marriage is not in their plans. Boosie has openly expressed his perspective on marriage, citing his promiscuity and reluctance to risk losing a significant portion of his income to alimony, given his past infidelity while married.

Boosie Badazz has also had public disagreements with his daughter, Toriana Hatch, who is estimated to be in her early 20s. This dispute arose when Tori’s mother requested child support, leading Boosie to reclaim a car he had given his daughter. Boosie expressed his side of the story through a diss track titled “Ungrateful,” released on August 17, 2023, which has garnered approximately 616K views. In response, Tori has taken to her Instagram account to voice her grievances against Boosie. As this family feud unfolds, it has attracted attention from viewers and sparked discussions about the situation. Boosie Badazz has fathered a total of eight children, with six different women, adding complexity to his family dynamics.

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Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz is a father to several children, including Ivy Ray Hatch, Lyric Beyonce Hatch, Toriana Hatch, Iviona Hatch, Michael Jordan Hatch, Tarlaysia Hatch, Torrence Hatch Jr., and Laila Jean. Among them, Toriana Hatch, often referred to as Tori, made headlines when she claimed that the rapper had reclaimed a car he had gifted her on her 16th birthday. Allegedly, Boosie took back the Mercedes Benz while she was in Atlanta, looking after her mother, Rachael Wagner, who was recovering from a car accident. Tori has been vocal about her father on her Instagram account, and she declared herself “God’s daughter” rather than “Lil Boosie’s daughter,” as reported by Hot New Hip Hop. This suggests there might be ongoing family conflicts and tensions within the Hatch family.

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