Big Rock Controversy: Sensation’s catch ruled ineligible, Sushi wins tournament

Here we are going to give details about the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament as the public is going through the internet to know more about it. Everyone is going through the internet to know more about it. As the public like to know more about the tournament that they all are going through the internet to gain information about the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. So, for our readers, we have brought the details about the tournament in this article. So keep reading through the article to know more.

Big Rock Controversy

Big Rock Controversy

The 65th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament concluded with uncertainty. Sensation fought for six hours to land a blue marlin. There was some debate when it was brought to the scale after 11:15 p.m. Saturday. Sensation’s catch was judged inadmissible by the Big Rock board due to at least one shark bite. As a consequence, Sushi wins the event, with Chasin’ A coming in second and C-Student coming in third. According to a statement posted on the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament’s Facebook page, the Sensation’s 619.4-pound catch has been disqualified. Sushi has been proclaimed the winner, with Chasin’ A coming in second and C-Student coming in third.

Big Rock Controversy

Because no blue marlin weighed more than 500 pounds, the $739,500 Fabulous Fisherman reward will be carried over to the following year. The victors will be honored at a banquet on Sunday. The blue marlin Sensation caught is being investigated owing to at least one probable shark bite. According to Garrett Short of WNCT, the International Game Fish Association guidelines state that such a catch would be rejected. It was announced that the committee would not make a judgment on Saturday night, but rather on Sunday. Short also claims that the blue marlin’s unofficial weight was 619.4 pounds.

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Big Rock Controversy

It was unclear when the announcement will be made on Sunday. Sushi is in charge for the time being till a decision is reached. If Sensation is deemed the victor, it will receive not just the top reward but also the Fabulous Fisherman prize of $739,500 for the first fish weighing more than 500 pounds. The Sensation crew was permitted to take photographs with its blue marlin. When the images were first shot, the weight was not written on the place board that specifies the boat, captain, angler, and date. A shark may have eaten the blue marlin pulled in by Sensation twice. The video stream supplied by Facebook and YouTube has also been disabled. We’re working on getting an update.

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