Bernardo Silva illness and health update: What happened to Portuguese footballer

Is Bernardo Silva ill? Currently, we have seen that he is not playing because of that some people have sparked a rumor that he is ill. His fans are really worried for him and are curious to know about his illness. People are wondering to know about his health update as of 2023. His fans are concerned to know why Bernardo is not playing. This question has been asked by many people on the browser yet. This question has started a big controversy on the world wide web. Our sources have provided us with a lot of information about his recent health update and much other information about him. So we are going to share all the information with you in this article so without wasting much time let’s jump down into this article.

Bernardo Silva Illness

Bernardo Silva illness

Bernardo Silva was born on 10th August 1994 in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a famous professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or as a right winger for the Premier League club Manchester City and he also plays in the Portugal national team. His real name is “Bernardo Mota Veiga de Carvlho e Silva.” He is considered one of the best midfielders in the whole world. He is mostly recognized for his amazing skills, creativity, versatility, stamina, dribbling, and work rate. Continue reading this article to know more about Silva.

Bernardo Silva Illness And Health

If we talk about his married life so on 1st July 2023, Bernardo Silva got married to Ines Tomaz. But he never shared anything much about his married life publicly. It is not known what is the profession of his wife. Even Silva never shared anything about his parents or siblings in any interview. He just loves to keep his personal life away from the public eye. Scroll down to the next stanza of this article to know about his current health update.

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Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva’s illness, this topic has been the most discussed topic of the current time. His illnesses news is parked on the internet because of his absence from the Manchester City recent matches. This has left his fans in a shocking state because of that his fans are worried for him. According to the reports, currently, Silva is not playing because he is suffering from an illness issue that has not been shared publicly. His current health update has not been shared by his family but currently, he is suffering from a tough time because of illness. We all should pray for him and we should pray to god for his speedy recovery.

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