Baby K arrested: Teen charged in attempted killing of student on Prince George’s Co. bus

Finally, the search for Baby K has come to an end. The authorities have arrested him. Reportedly, US Marshals arrested Baby K on Tuesday afternoon, May 31, 2023. Before moving ahead and propagating this story further, we tell you that Baby K is a suspect in an attempted murder case. The arrest of Baby K was confirmed by Prince George’s County Police. Since the authorities announced that they have arrested the attempted murder suspect Baby K, people close to the matter have become keen to know what charges have been levied on him and where he is being held. Meanwhile, we have published this column to cater to the queries of the readers. Stay tuned to this page until you read the end. Swipe down.

Baby K Arrested

Baby K arrested

Let’s start with the charges against Baby K. He is a 15 years of age boy but he is charged as an adult in connection to the attempted murder of a teenager. Baby K is arrested in connection with the attempted murder of a teenager in the school bus of Prince George’s County. The 15-year-old teenager was arrested without any issues on Tuesday at around 2:40 pm, said Prince George County Police. Know further details shared by the police about Baby K, in the next section. Swipe down the page.

Baby K Arrested

Reportedly, Baby K was apprehended from the 6300 block of Baltimore Avenue in the Riverdale Pake region. He was on the run ever since he tried to kill a teenager on the school bus on May 1. The mother of the victim said before the arrest of Baby K that she was not feeling her family was safe. The Prince George County Police also recovered a surveillance video showing Baby K and two others walking on the Prince George County School Bus and attacking a student. Read more details in the next section.

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Baby K Arrested

The court documents also claimed that 15-year-old Baby K also threatened the teenager with a handgun. He also pulled the trigger at least two times but the gun jammed, therefore, he went to hit the student in the head with the handgun, and two others who were with Baby K, kicked and punched the student. Besides Baby K, three teenagers including a girl of 14 years of age are also being held without bond. It is alleged that the 14-year-old girl set up the attack. They are now facing attempted murder charges as adults. Their identities can not be revealed due to legal reasons. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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