WATCH: Attaque Au Couteau Annecy Video surfaced on social media

The authorities have been scrambling to trace the circumstances of the incident that happened in Annecy on Thursday morning, June 8, 2023, when some people were left with serious injuries. According to the reports, a shocking knife attack incident took place in Annecy on Thursday. The French authorities have asserted that among the injured four are children who were in absolute urgency of medical attention after the incident. But some passers-by who were near the scene filmed the incident and posted it on the internet. The French authorities felt the urgency of removing the pictures and videos of the knife attack and pointed out that they must not be shared. You are asked to stick with this column and must go through this article till the end. Drag down the page.

Attaque Au Couteau Annecy Video

Attaque Au Couteau Annecy Video

Talking about the victims, there were a total of 6 people left injured after the incident. Among six victims four were children. Reportedly, the incident took place in a public garden on the Paquier promenade located on the shores of Lake Annecy which was usually busy in the morning hours when the incident occurred. The passers-by who witnessed the incident recorded the incident from a distance. The pictures show the assailant wandering with his knife in the public garden. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Shortly after the incident, the disturbing pictures and clips of the incident started taking over the internet by storm which led the French authorities to point out that the ongoing shocking and disturbing pictures of the knife attack should not be posted and shared further. An image that is expected to come up from a channel on Telegram, shows the assailant attacking people directly at a children’s playground. Continue reading this article and know more about this incident.

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Attaque Au Couteau Annecy Video

The minister delegate in charge of digital named Jean-Noel Barrot indicated that the government is in contact with Twitter France to ensure the removal of shocking images and to recall that their dissemination is punishable by law. The ministry shared a series of tweets and asked the shocking content linked to the Annecy attack not to be shared or even liked because liking the post can indeed increase the reach of the post and visibility on social media where it is posted. The internal ministry also recalled that users who broadcast and share content showing violence to people expose themselves to criminal sanctions. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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