Who Is David Lochridge? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Safety Concerns at OceanGate: The Story of David Lochridge. As you know, David Lochridge, former director of Marine Operations at OceanGate, has been making headlines recently after being fired from the company for raising concerns about the safety of the “Titan” submersible. The “Titan” made headlines itself when it vanished with five people on board during a deep sea dive on the U.S. Coast early Wednesday. Lochridge believes that the submersible was not adequately equipped or prepared for the dive and blames OceanGate for its failure to address the safety concerns he raised.

David Lochridge

Who Is David Lochridge?

Lochridge began working at OceanGate as the Director of Marine Operations in 2019, and soon raised concerns about the “Titan”. According to Lochridge, the submersible was not ready to withstand the deep-sea environment, and he repeatedly warned the company about this issue. He stated that proper testing procedures were not being followed and that when problems with the submersible did arise, they were not handled appropriately. Lochridge claims that his concerns were brushed aside and that he was eventually fired from his job.

Despite Lochridge’s warnings, OceanGate went ahead with the dive, and the “Titan” and its crew went missing. The search for the submersible lasted several weeks and attracted international attention. Eventually, the submersible was found by a search team, and the crew was thankfully rescued and brought back to safety. However, Lochridge believes that this disaster could have been avoided had his concerns been taken seriously by OceanGate.

This is not the first instance of safety concerns being raised at OceanGate. In 2018, former employees of the company claimed in a lawsuit that OceanGate engaged in “reckless and dangerous” behavior in their dive operations, which put staff and clients at risk. They also alleged that the company had a culture of promoting speed over safety, which created a dangerous work environment. The case was later settled out of court. The story of David Lochridge is an important one for companies to bear in mind.

At the time of writing this article, investigations into the cause of the incident involving the “Titan” submersible are ongoing. However, it is clear that the story of David Lochridge highlights the importance of taking safety seriously and ensuring that concerns are heard and addressed. Companies must prioritize the safety of their employees and customers above all else, to avoid disastrous consequences. Here we have shared the complete information with you. Stay in touch for more interesting updates.

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