Ashton Altieri Leaving CBS 4: Where did Ashton Altieri go?

Is Ashton Altieri leaving Channel 4? This question is one of the most searched questions in the last 24 hours on Google. This is the most asked question because currently, there is a rumor that Ashton is now leaving Channel 4. This rumor is viral on some social media platforms. Besides this rumor, there is one more rumor that says that says Aston is joining WFAA. This rumor is widely shared on Twitter (X) and Reddit. Now people are excited to know that is these rumors are true or not. Is he really leaving Channel 4 or not? So to know the truth read this entire article.

Ashton Altieri

Ashton Altieri Leaving CBS 4

Ashton Altieri is a well-known Meteorologist. He is a resident of the United States of America. He is mostly recognized as a worker of the popular CBS4 This Morning Show. In the whole world, he is the first Alert Metrologist who became part of the first Weather Team in 2016 summer after he served at the WFAA-TV in Dallas. He has gained a lot of experience while working there. He is an expert in connecting with diverse audiences by creating engaging information, timely, and disseminating facts. The news of his departure from Channel 4 is currently one of the most trending news on the internet. To know the truth scroll down to the next paragraph.

Ashton Altieri Leaving CBS 4

A lot of people on the web are asking if that is a rumor of Ashton Altieri leaving Channel 4. Many people are eager to know the truth. This question currently surrounds many social media platforms. So till now, this is not an official announcement of him leaving Channel 4. He has not given any confirmation regarding this rumor yet. He hasn’t said anything regarding this matter. So it is not true whether the rumor of him leaving Channel 4 is true or not. So if this news is not true it means that he is not joining WFAA. Keep reading.

According to the source, this rumor was started when he posted a tweet on 6th August 2023, about the weather forecast. In the tweet, a person wrote “Hey Ashton miss you on the M-F morning show. Is there any chance that you are going to come back to the show anytime? It can be expected that the Ashton fans have been asking the questions after his absence from the show. ” If we look at his current salary he may earn around $82,851 to $133,156. Stay tuned to PKB news for more articles.

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