Are Nadine and Derick Still Together? Relationship Timeline

There have been rumors about Nadine and Derick being apart. Are they still together? People are curious to know more about Nadine and Derick. you will get complete details about Nadline and Derick in this article. keep reading for more information.

Nadine and Derick

Are Nadine and Derick Still Together?

Derick Hougaard is a well-known rugby player while Nadine Hoffeldt is a singer. People are curious to know more about their togetherness. The couple started dating in 2018. According to sources, the couple is said to be together yet. Derick was married before getting into the relationship. They had been divorced. His ex-wife was Karlien Van Jaarsveld. After his divorce, the couple started dating. There have been 5 years till now. Derick Haougaard has been through respiratory pneumonia. He was also in a coma for 2 weeks. His girlfriend also shared publicly about his condition. She was updated about his health conditions every time on her Facebook page. She also updated them when he opened his eyes.

Nadine and Derick

She was grateful for the support of everyone. She updated me that he started responding to the treatment. Let us have more details about Nadine and Derick.

Nadine and Derick

Nadine’s Life:

Nadine is a well-known singer. He grabs the attention of her audience with amazing singing skills. She has been appreciated for her melodious voice. She is 1982 born and celebrates her birthday every year on 28 February. One of the most popular songs is Kaapse Draai. She has a good sense of music. She not only sings well but also has a charismatic personality that makes everyone spellbound. She is not only good at singing but also has excellent presentation skills. People like her for being real. She has impacted South African music for sure. You can follow her on her Instagram. She actively posts on her social media platforms. Her Instagram account is @nadinenet. She has 65.2k followers on her Instagram. Let us have more details about Derick Hougaard.

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Derick Hougaard’s Life:

Derick Hougaard is a well-known rugby player. He is 1983 born and celebrates his birthday every year on the 4th of January. He is nicknamed Liefling Van Loftus. He debuted in the rugby field in 2003 during Rugby World Cup. He was 20 years old at that time. According to sources, he is currently suffering from an illness. He has been diagnosed with respiratory pneumonia. He is in a coma for 2 weeks. He is currently recovering. He is responding to the treatment and has opened his eyes.

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