Is Andile Mpisane Arrested? Warrant of arrest for Musical artist

One after another, we are constantly hearing the arrest news of many stars but most of them are related to the sports industry. This time as well, we are sharing the arrest news of the chairman of Royal AM FC. We know that it is not so new for readers as people are constantly hearing the arrest news of big personalities and are getting shocked. Now this news has again sparked discussion on social media and many people started looking for the information. The report states that the warrant of detaining has been released for Royal AM FC chairman Andile Mpisane and within a few seconds, this news went viral on social media.

Andile Mpisane

Is Andile Mpisane Arrested?

Initially, people think that the news was fake but now after watching the real and authentic news, they are keen to know the reason for this arrest. According to the reports, he was detained after he reportedly violated an interim protection order. Other than that, the reports are stating that Andile reportedly followed and menaced his former girlfriend. She lodged the case against him and the warrant of detain was released on Friday, 3rd March 2023 Sithelo went to Durban North police station to hand it over to the cops to detain her former beau.

Andile Mpisane

Now the new twist came which states that she was reportedly turned down and advised to wait for the suspect to violate the order again. His fans are still in shock and quite surprised by his violent behavior. This thing is quite shocking for them to believe as being a famous personality is not acceptable at all because people considered them as a role model and whenever they heard such news they can’t believe them. Something is similar happening in this case and people are still looking to know more insights. According to the reports, last year Sithelo had a protection order against Andile after he reportedly menaced to assassinate her last year.

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Andile Mpisane

The reports further added that he reportedly menaced her with phone calls and he even tried to chase her after that, she decided to lodge the case. The incident happened in the month of January, Andile reportedly chased Sithelo in Cape Town where she was invited to perform. Sithelo reportedly left the club escorted after she observed that the Royal AM FC chairman was also present in the club. After that, she lodged the case. As of now, we just have this many details related to this case but we are trying to get more hopefully, we will get it and we will update here.

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