GTA 6 fans believe actress Ana Esposito to be Lucia, side-by-side comparisons

Since the primary trailer for GTA 6 was launched on December five, 2023, Lucia has gained much interest as one of the franchise’s most talked-abroad protagonists. Even even though Rockstar Games, the sport’s developer, hasn’t released any details about the actor playing the lead, fans appear to have already observed their expertise. According to a few, Ana Esposito plays Lucia in the online game. Let’s keep locating greater facts approximately this sport. So, be with the reading of this article till the end.

ana esposito gta 6

Many enthusiasts started out evaluating the two because of the rumors, which piqued their hobby. As seen above, on social media platform X on December 24, 2023, enthusiasts started to invest in Ana Esposito to become the actress behind the GTA 6 Lucia protagonist. They additionally protected other inquisitive lovers who contributed their parts in a voicing contrast between the actress in real existence and the fictitious individual. Some fanatics also published a few facts approximately Ana Esposito that appeared to verify the advent of the fictional individual, which stoked extra speculation about her abilities in the subsequent Rockstar sport. The reputable trailer for the game through Rockstar Games gave a quick introduction to Lucia’s protagonist, who does resemble Ana Esposito. Swipe down and go below to get more information.

The rumors surfaced following the present-day controversy surrounding GTA 6. The rumored actress has now not been formally shown to be a part of Grand Theft Auto 6, so players are asked to admire her whilst also treating this rumor with a grain of salt. Bryan Zampella is another purported voice actor in Grand Theft Auto 6, and he has been making jokes approximately it to fanatics for a while. The actor is rumored to portray Jason, the imminent movie’s 2D protagonist. To analyze more approximately this news, maintain reading.

Still, greater evidence is available. Esposito accomplished in Law and Order, which seems to be a favorite hiring pool for the studio given the appearances of Roger Clark, Ned Luke, and Steven Ogg. This is much like the actor who portrayed several previous Rockstar protagonists. Esposito is based totally in New York City, near a Rockstar mocap studio, in case that in some way wasn’t enough for you. While it’s undoubtedly unverified, there appears to be a plethora of proof suggesting that Esposito is portraying Lucia in Grand Theft Auto 6. Stay tuned to our esteemed news site for not to miss any further latest news updates.

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