Airbnb Hidden Cameras: Women Found Hidden Camera In Bathroom Of B.C

It was supposedly a shocking experience for a group of friends on a birthday getaway. They were staying at an Airbnb in Sechelt, BC when they made a concerning discovery inside the bathroom. As Travis Prasad, they’re now warning others about what they found. Read the article to know more about the news. A group of women warned others to check their rental homes after they said they found a hidden camera in the bathroom of their Airbnd.

Airbnb Hidden Cameras

Airbnb Hidden Cameras

Reportedly, Vancouver resident Jamie Gladman booked a place on the Sunshine Coast in March for her 30th birthday and she needed a place that could accommodate a large group. The house in Sechelt could accommodate the group of 13 and two dogs and they booked it for two nights. On the second night, Kennedy Calwell made a TikTok video of the incident. The woman claimed that she discovered a hidden camera in the bathroom facing the shower. Though, the Airbnd had a good rating and reviews about its services.

Airbnb Hidden Cameras

Calwell said that one of her friends, Becca has recently watched the video, and the day before they were talking about the size of the hidden cameras being extremely tiny. She added that her friend has seen an outlet before in the bathroom. Gladman said there were other issues with the house that also concerned them. She said it was dirty when they arrived and had not been cleaned. She said the host was not responding to their messages in a timely manner. There was random artwork on the walls in strange places and big pieces of art nailed to the wall in some of the bedrooms. One of their friends took a shower in one of the bathrooms and when she got out, Gladmand said she could see a racial slur in the condensation on the mirror.

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Airbnb Hidden Cameras

Gladman said she reported it to local police a few days later. Sunshine Coast RCMP told CBC News they are actively investigating the report, but said they could not provide further details. Gladman said that a few weeks later an officer told her the home was searched and cameras were found, which were then sent for analysis. Airbnb told CBC News it has suspended the listing in question and refunded the guests as it investigates the incident. The company’s website says cameras are banned in bathrooms and sleeping areas. According to Airbnd’s policy, any cameras on a property in a common area must be disclosed to guests.

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