Who Are Sam Laidlow Father Richard Laidlow And Mother Michelle: French Triathlete Sam Laidlow Parents

Sam Laidlow is a French talented triathlete. He was born on 23rd December 1998 in Oakley, Bedfordshire. Currently, he is one of the most trending men in the world as on 10th September 2023, Sunday, he won the 2023 Ironman World Championship in Nice, France. He is a native of France. Currently, he plays for the team AS Monaco Triathlon. He is coached by the famous coach Richard Laidlow. Now his name is trending on social media. His name is at the top of the headline on Twitter (X). Now he is the first Ironman World Champion from France and also he is the youngest man who has ever won the title of Ironman. He is a 23-year-old man now whose name is in the mouths of many people. Continue reading.

Sam Laidlow

Who Are Sam Laidlow Parents

The parents of Sam Laidlow shifted to the South of France from the United Kingdom in order to set up the triathlon training business, Sancture Sportifs. When Sam was 13 years old he decided to leave his home in Amelie-les-Bains-Palalda for the National Altitude Training Centre in the Front Romeu. Then after 3 years, he got selected to train alongside the French team in Montpellier. When he turned 17 years old he went back to his home in Amelie-les-Bains-Palalda. The name of Sam’s father is Richard Laidlow and the name of his mother is Michelle. But he keeps his parents away from the public eye.

Sam Laidlow

Sam Laidlaw was born in Oakley, Bedfordshire to his parents. He has received anonymous support from his family. His family has always supported Sam in his every single decision in life. In every single interview he has thanked his interview even yesterday when he won the title of Ironman so then he thanked his parents for supporting him and because of them, he is successful today. Sam often shares his pictures with his parents on his official Instagram account. You can search his account by the username @samlaidlow. He has more than 66k followers. He also shares his daily life routine through his Instagram handle.

Sam Laidlow father

The father of Sam Laidlow, Richard Laidlaw is also in the same field as his son. He is in the triathlon training business. His mother Michelle has helped growing up the business with her husband. As she has a big hand in setting up the training business. There is only one brother Sam. He is the older son of his family. The name of his younger brother has not been disclosed yet.

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