2023 NECO Literature in English Questions and Answers

This article will explore the NECO English questions and answers in 2023. The students giving NECO are looking for the question and answer. Let us discuss one of the NECO questions and answers forms below. Keep reading for more information.


NECO Literature In English Questions And Answers 2023:

  1. The question is from the novel Second Class Citizen. It novel describes racism. It is being differentiated between the black and the whites as the first-class citizens and the second-class citizens. Adah was having her own ideology and refused to send her children to the nursery.

2. Feminism is the belief in providing women equal opportunity. Adah is a feminist. She goes through the discrimination and found that female children were less relevant and not valued in Ibuza.

3. Massa is going through some serious illness. She is married to Nii. She does not allow her husband to do too much. She wants her husband to not travel to Nigeria.

4. Here Mama is seen telling that she will take care of the baby until someone belonging to the baby come and receives it.

Literature Questions:

  1. In literature, A stock Character is a character:

Answer: C Whose actions, speech, style, and role are predictable?

2. A light or amusing interlude inserted in the middle of a tragic play is called:

Answer A a comic relief

3. When an author produces a mocking invitation to another author’s work, we call his products:

Answer D parody.

4. A type of poem that may be sung and which embodies a tale is called

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Answer D a ballad

5. Poetry is distinguished from prose fiction in that it

Answer D uses rhyme and meter

6. Go, Lovely rose,

Tell him that wastes her time and me

When I resembled her for thee,

How sweet and fair she seems to be

Rose having human characteristics is called:

Answer C personification

7. When a story is told at one level but has its true meaning at another level, t is called:

Answer D an allegorical story

8. When an unrelated incident is inserted in a work of literature, it is called:

Answer C discretion

These were some questions from the literature that can be looked upon. NECO is a type of exam that classifies a student’s grip and knowledge of English in Nigeria. This exam is given by secondary school students. It covers everything from drama, poetry, and prose. We keep bringing such updates to our website. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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