What did Zion Williamson do? Controversy explained

The New Orleans Pelicans forward player Zion Williamson found himself embroiled in a controversy after revealing the gender of his baby who has not been born yet. The star forward revealed that he is expecting a baby daughter with his girlfriend named Ahkeema. But things became more controversial when the adult film star accused Zion Williamson of cheating on her. Yes, you heard it right, Zion Williamson who is 22 years of age at this time has been accused of cheating an adult film star. Do you want to know who is the adult film star in the question? If yes, read this article till the end and know who she is and what she said. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Zion Williamson Controversy

Zion Williamson Controversy Explained

The p*rn star who accused Zion Williamson of cheating on her is Moriah Mills. Moriah Mills is a famous adult film star. She made a bombshell by calling out the New Orleans forward player for allegedly cheating on her. This serious allegation was levied on him after Zion Williamson wrote, “My baby, you’re going to see this at some point. I don’t know what the future holds, but Mommy and Daddy love you. If you don’t know anything else in this world, know that Mommy and Daddy love you.”

Where Zion Williamson was enjoying the moment and desperately waiting for his unborn child, the famous adult star came with a shocking statement. She posted a series of tweets and called out Williamson. The party was spoiled by the cheating allegations levied by an adult film star who also said that he had planned to relocate her to New Orleans. She tweeted, “I motivated you to get back in shape, I let you f**k me all kinds of ways and film me on your phone @Zionwilliamson, and you impregnate a low-budget porn star. DNA test or I’m done!!!!!!,”

As mentioned, Moriah Mills posted a series of tweets after the New Orleans star revealed the news of his child. She further added, “I told you were gonna be the next king next to LeBron, I motivated you. Your baby mama is the reason you gained weight, she’s toxic. I hate this for you. Honestly, @Zionwilliamson you hurt me with this one, I couldn’t sleep last night.” In reaction to this controversy, ESPN’s Stephen A Smith turned the traction by cracking a joke that Zion only played 29 games this season due to a hamstring injury, the reason why Williamson missed so much this season.

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