Who Is Joãozinho? Everything About YouTuber details

Now it is easy to become famous and get millions of fans. All you need is to create content online and if social media users like it, you will automatically become famous. There are many ordinary people who have become a star overnight and enjoy a good amount of fan following which helps them to get a fat income. In fact, some of them are even getting a chance to perform with big celebrities. One such Youtuber is in the news and people are searching for his details. His fan following is huge on Youtube and other platforms, forcing us to gather the details of his personal life.

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Who Is Joãozinho Youtuber?

Yes, you are right, we are talking about UJOAOZINHO who is a social media celebrity. He is a Brazilian social media star who had massive success with his Youtube channel. Most people like the content that he creates with his younger sister. The major of videos is based on pranks and people can find a variety of pranks, food challenges, and life stories on his Youtube channel. With the help of his engaging content, he has accumulated 8 million subscribers. He started posting content in the month of August 2015. The title of his video was “QUASE CAGUEI EM UMA SACOLA”.

As time passes, he made several changes in his content and now he became one of the most successful YouTubers. His top 3 most-watched videos surpassed 5 million views. One of the most watched videos of him showing his recovering from an accident. As we said, most of his content revolves around pranks, life stories that he shares with his fans, and food challenges. But people mostly love him to watch with his younger sister Maria. This Brazilian Youtuber has born on 2nd January 1998 which means he is 25 years old. There are many people who love to know about his dating life and as per the sources, he is currently dating Carol Bresolin who is also a Youtuber.

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Apart from making videos on pranks, life stories, and food challenges, he also collaborated with Youtuber Lucas Rangel on the 2019 recording ELE roubou minha NAMORADA. The real name of this Brazilian Youtuber is Joao Marcos Oliveria and people can also follow him on Instagram where he has accumulated 4.3 million followers. He was born in Curitiba and resides in Sao Paulo. As we state, he started creating videos on Youtube in 2015 but he seriously started work on it in 2016. In the year 2017, it was disclosed that he was using bots in order to obtain views on his videos. However, at that, he said that he did not know about it.

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