Why Was Shallipopi Arrested? Nigerian Singer Shallipopi Charges and Arrest

Nowadays, Nigerian singer Shallipopi is making waves because of his latest single. Shallipopi dropped a single titled “ElShallipopion Musk”, it is the second single of the rapper in 2023. In fact, people are loving the composition of the song and its humorous lyrics. The song has made massive airplay on social media. This is why Shallipopi’s latest single is trending on TikTok where millions of users have created videos on Elon Musk sound. But amidst the buzz of Shallipopi’s Elon Musk, rumors about his arrest also have started making rounds on the internet. Rumors that Shallipopi was arrested are circling on the internet, leaving his fans and followers startled and shocked. Is it true that the Nigerian singer was arrested? Let’s try to explore more details and unfold the facts about his arrest rumors in the below-given sections. Kindly take a look below.

Why Was Shallipopi Arrested

Why Was Shallipopi Arrested?

In the recently released song Nigerian singer Shallipopi used his singing prowess and strength to make the tune of the song more awesome. Elon Musk’s tune is basically a fusion of Hip Hop and Amapiano genres. The song is creating a buzz on Youtube Shorts and TikTok. If you have been active on social media for the last couple of days, you must have seen various videos created on Shallipopi’s latest song. Scroll down and continue reading the article.

Shallipopi arrested?

Shallipopi who is also known as Crown Uzama has turned into a TikTok sensation after the release of Elon Musk. The audience on TikTok love Crown Uzama’s unique style and slang which he uses in his singing. He was born on December 4, 2000, which means he is currently 22 years of age. He has been singing since a young age. Reportedly, the Nigerian music industry acknowledged his talent when he was very young. But it won’t be also wrong to say Shallipopi’s biggest hit and popular song is Elon Musk. Read about his arrest rumors in the next section.

As mentioned at the start of the column, the Nigerian singer Shallipopi is rumored to be arrested, this story has attained traction from netizens on Twitter and TikTok after a video claiming rapper and singer Shallipopi has been arrested went viral on TikTok. A TikTok video is spreading the rumors about the singer but there is no official statement and confirmation by the authorities regarding the same. As there is no concrete evidence about Shallipopi’s arrest, we debunk the news and advice you to avoid social media forwards. Follow only valuable sources to verify the sensitive claims. Stay tuned.

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