Why was Fetty Wap Arrested? Rapper sentenced to 6 years behind bars in NY drug case

A big development was made on Wednesday during the court appearance of Fetty Wap in a drug trafficking case. According to the reports, the rapper was sentenced to six years. Yes, you heard it right, Fetty Wap will serve a 6 years sentence for being found guilty in the drug trafficking case. He was sentenced to 6 years in jail for being involved in a bi-coastal narcotics ring. Fetty Wap is not a common name, he is a big thing in the hip-hop community. His sentence has shocked the industry and left his fellow rappers stunned. In the following sections of this article, we have mentioned what Fetty Wap said during the court trial. So be sticky with this page and must go through this article till the end. Swipe down the page.

Fetty Wap Arrested

Why was Fetty Wap Arrested?

Fetty Wap aka Willie Junior Maxwell II was accused of buying and selling kilograms of cocaine in New York and New Jersey and this dates back to 2020 when the rapper drove to Long Island around six times during the springs. The federal prosecutor in the case said Fetty Wap, the Paterson, New Jersey native was one of the five people charged in the drug trafficking case and he solely dealt 25 Kg of the drug in the Garden State. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Fetty Wap Arrested

The hip-hop rapper apologized to his family, friends, and every person to whom he sold drugs. Fetty Wap said during his sentencing in Long Island federal court, “I always aimed to lead. I ended up hurting the community, hurting the people who look up to me, hurting my family, hurting my children, hurting myself.” As per the reports, the rapper pleaded guilty last year in August to one count of conspiracy to possess and trade more than 500 grams of drugs. The rapper faced a minimum of five years and a maximum of 40 years in jail for the crime. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Fetty Wap Arrested

When the defender requested the federal judge to announce the minimum penalty, the Central Islip federal judge Joanna Seybert denied the request because last year the rapper violated his bail condition and threatened a rival with a gun. Judge said, “There is a message to be sent. Without a doubt, you did a lot of dumb things when you got out, things that are arguably criminal.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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