Why did Finlay leave EastEnders: Is he returning to the show?

Finlay Baker is said to be leaving Eastenders. Why is he leaving Eastenders? You will get complete details about Finlay Baker leaving Eastenders. Keep reading for more information.

Why did Finlay leave EastEnders

Why Is Finlay Baker Leaving Eastenders

Finlay Baker is the character that is portrayed by Ashley Byam. It is shown on BBC Soap Opera. He was last seen on the show a year back. He was involved in a storyline with the Panesar family. It came to know that he was having the intention to kill Eve Unwin. This took Finlay’s life. As he was having some controversy with the Panesar family, he received a warning from the Panesar family to leave Walord else his brother will be killed.

He was concerned about his brother, Felix, so he agreed and left Walford. He left the area. people are excited and eager to know about the next part of the story. According to the sources from production and information gathered, it is being said Finley is leaving Eastenders. There has not been confirmation about his departure yet. The production has not confirmed the departure of Finlay Baker. It is often seen that there is a comeback of the characters all of a sudden.

The end of his character made Finlay Baker and his fans sad. His departure was decided with Lola Pearce’s funeral. Lola is a character in the opera that pass away because of a brain tumor. The episode was full of emotions. Fans also say that it was not fair to make Finlay’s departure and the emotional Lola’s funeral together. There was disappointment among the fans related to this. He also accepted the envelope of cash from Suki before leaving. There has not been a permanent departure of Finlay Baker announced. He might do a comeback soon. Let us conclude the above.

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Finlay Baker is said to be departing from Eastenders. It is an opera show. It includes the character of Finlay Baker that is played by Ashley Byam. Fans are dishearted after his departure from the show a year ago. His last appearance and departure were shown in the episode of Lola’s funeral. This made the fans disappointed that it was not fair for his departure to be mixed with the emotional funeral of Lola. This was all about Finlay Baker’s departure from Eastenders. we keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite celebrities. Stay tuned for more information.

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