Carlos Hurtado Arrested: Why Brentwood High School Staff Member At Football Game Arrested?

An ex-teacher of Heritage High School Carlos Hurtado has been arrested. This news is in the trend right now and people are shocked after listening to the arrest news of a former teacher. The teacher has grabbed everyone’s attention toward him through his arrest case. He has been arrested in the case of trespassing at a football game even after being admonished to stay away from the campus of the school. This arrest news is currently viral on Twitter (X) and Reddit. People have started researching about this case and exactly like many people, you are also here after researching about this case. So you are at the correct place to learn everything about this case.

why carlos hurtado arrested

Why Carlos Hurtado Arrested

Carlos Hurtado is an ex-teacher of Heritage High School which is located in Brentwood, California. Currently, he is in the spotlight of the media. People are focusing on this former teacher. He has been arrested because of his action of attending the Heritage High School football game. He wasn’t allowed there by the school authorities. The authorities clearly told the former teacher to stay away from the school campus. The school has already issued a trespass admonishment which means that he needs to stay away from the school. Continue to know more.

carlos hurtado arrested

Carlos Hurtado, the ex-teacher has been banned from the school grounds but he broke the rules and tried to enter the school grounds because of this he got arrested. This case has raised the question of safety purposes. He was arrested by police officers on 2nd September 2023, Saturday. He got arrested on the evening of Saturday. The principal of the school alerted the police officers who were already present at the football game of Heritage High School, Brentwood, California. The football game was happening between Heritage High School and Granada High School.

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Carlos Hurtado Arrested 2

The ex-teacher tried to enter the school because of that he got arrested. He was clearly instructed that he needed to stay away from the school but he still attended the game event. He was clearly stated to avoid the event. When police went to Carlos Hurtado and police tried to approach him the ex-teacher made a fateful decision to go away from the stadium so because of this decision police started chasing him and he was immediately tackled by the officers. He was tackled softly he didn’t face any injury. Currently, he is under police custody. His action toward entering the school stadium has turned out as a big problem for him.

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