Who were Solomona Tootoo and Tupuga Sipiliano? Auckland CBD shooting victims

The shooting that is currently taking place in Auckland is the topic of this discussion. The two men who were shot and died in Auckland this week have been identified by police officials. When the general population learned about this, they all began to search the internet for further information. As a result, we have provided information on it in this article for our readers. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

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Who were Solomona Tootoo and Tupuga Sipiliano?

The two men who were tragically shot in this week’s Auckland incident have been identified by the police. They are Tupuga Sipiliano, 44, of Wattle Downs, and Solomona To’oto’o, 45, of Manurewa. As formal identification procedures have been finished, according to Detective Superintendent Ross McKay, police have been able to identify them. The police offer the families, who are mourning the loss of a loved one, their profound condolences. Siciliano’s friends and family have posted sincere tributes to him online and sent their sympathies to his family.”Gone too quickly. Family and friends posted condolences on Facebook. Today, the murder scene at the high-rise, downtown Auckland construction site where Matu Reid killed two employees with a shotgun before dying in a shootout with police, will remain roped off.

Tupuga Sipiliano
Tupuga Sipiliano, Photo / Supplied

The two individuals Reid killed, according to the police, were the shooter’s friends. Detective Superintendent Ross McKay reported on Saturday that the crime scene investigation was still ongoing. The 21-level One Queen St skyscraper downtown is the location of the current construction, which is projected to be finished by the end of the current year. McKay reported that investigators were questioning a huge number of witnesses while also conducting other investigations. A police officer who was shot and the other four victims are still undergoing medical care at the hospital. At home, a second injured policeman is getting well. According to McKay, police are still asking anyone having pictures or videos of the incident to submit them online so they can be used in the investigation.

According to a witness, the incident appeared to be planned. The worker, who had just been employed at that construction site for less than a month, recalled the man shouting, “So what you going to do to me now what can you do?” to the Herald.”I don’t know, but it seemed to me that he intended to murder the two persons he shot. Because he left my room slowly and could have fired at random if he had been seeking someone, I believe he was too enraged to be shouting at anyone.

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