Who Is Shannon Mafs 2023 Ex-girlfriend, Jamea?

Shannon was part of MAFS and partnered with Caitlin. As he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend, he preferred to leave the show and not continue with Caitlin. You will get complete details about MAFS’ Shannon in this article. Keep reading for more details.  

Shannon Mafs 2023 Ex

Who Is Shannon Mafs’ 2023 Ex-girlfriend, Jamea?

MAFSs Shannon has been in the show with Caitlin. He used to work at Uber Eats as a driver. This came out when someone posted in a group on Facebook and said that Shannon was her uber driver. He worked at Uber Eats since last year in October. After one year, he was seen in MAFS having a failed relationship with Caitlin. He has good ratings on Uber Eats. He has served 1600 orders and gained a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate. Caitlin was told by Shannon that he does not like her. Caitlin heard him talking with his ex-girlfriend over a call. The next day, she mentions that she was not willing to continue. She wants to be someone’s someone. It was a hurtful feeling for her. Shannon finally revealed his love. Many sources say that Shannon and his ex-girlfriend have come together again.  

Shannon Mafs 2023 Ex

Caitilin further says that she doesn’t deserve him. She says that she deserves a chance but not him. She was disheartened after knowing the truth. He further mentions that he is back with her ex-girlfriend. They both gave birth to a child before their separation. He further mentions that he does not want to continue the show. He says he is an emotional person with feelings. He says that he wants to continue with what his heart says. Shannon and his girlfriend, Jamea, had been in a relationship for seven years. They get back together in the last year in December. Let us conclude the above. 

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Shannon Mafs 2023 Ex


MAFS Shannon was said to be in love with his ex-girlfriend. He was a contestant in MAFS. He was partnered with Caitlin. They both left the show after Shannon’s love life was revealed. She says that she deserves better. She will do anything for her deserving one, but he was not deserving of her according to what he said. Jamea and Shannon are now living their life happily together. They both have a child. The good thing is that Caitlin has moved on and is living her life happily. Shannon also seems to be enjoying his life. Stay tuned for more details about your favorite celebrities. 

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