Who Is Mustafizur Rahman? Assam Youtuber Arrested For Using Minors In Videos

Netizens have been thrown into a frenzy after listening to the arrest of Assam Youtuber Mustafizur Rahman. Yes, you heard it right, the famous Youtuber from Assam, Mustafizur Rahman was arrested on February 28, 2023. Being a famous personality on the internet, his arrest news left netizens in a frenzy to search for what he did that led him to get arrested and what are the charges against him. Since this news broke out it is trending on every social media platform. Regarding the same, there are innumerable questions are prevailing among people. Thus, they are scrounging web articles to learn about this happening in detail. Here we have come up with all the imperative aspects covered in the further given sections. Scroll down the page and take a look below for more details.


Mustafizur Rahman YouTuber

Who Is Mustafizur Rahman YouTuber?

Before explaining and discussing Mustafizur Rahman’s arrest news, let’s talk about the charges against him. As per the reports, Assam Youtuber Mustafizur Rahman was arrested on charges of using minors in his videos. This is the reason, Youtuber Mustafizur Rahman is in the news headlines nowadays. As per the reports that reached the PKBNews desk, the Youtuber was apprehended on Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023. Scroll down the page and read more details.

It is believed that Mustafizur Rahman is the richest Youtuber in Assam. He was arrested in Jogighopa while he was shooting for his forthcoming video in Satpara, Jogighopa. Since Mustafizur Rahman’s arrest news surfaced on the internet it is making headlines and sending shock waves to his fans. He has millions of fans on social media. Thus, netizens in large numbers are taking over the internet and reacting to this news. Drag don’t the page and read more details of the case.

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Mustafizur Rahman YouTuber

The complainant has been kept secret. His identity has not been revealed. According to the police, using minors in his videos is against the law. Meanwhile, a police report against Mustafizur Rahman was filed by the Bongaigaon Child Protection officer at the Jogighopa Police Station. As a result of the police report against him, an investigation has been started against him. Reportedly, some of his videos depict child abuse while Mustafizur Rahman made using child actors. If you are willing to watch Mustafizur Rahman’s videos, you can go to Youtube, where he has a channel before his name. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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