Who is Lovepreet aka Toofan Singh? Amritpal Singhs aide arrested: Pics, Case Explained

If you are actively using social media platforms or watching the news then you surely encounter a name that reads, Lovepreet. This name is currently trending on social media and intentionally attracting people towards it. However, this news is not so pleasant to hear and might be scared you so if your hearts are weak then read this news at your own risk. This news came to the limelight on Wednesday, 22nd February 2023, and instantly went viral and hold the interest of the people who are now looking to know this news in detail.

Lovepreet aka Toofan Singh

Who is Lovepreet aka Toofan Singh?

According to the reports, this news is connected to kidnapping and assault that has happened in the region of Punjab, India. The reports state that on Wednesday, a clash flared amongst the followers of Waris Punjab De Cheif, Amritpal Singh, and Punjab Police. The clash exactly happened in Ajnala close to Amritsar. Now you must be thinking about why this clash has happened and why supporters attacked Punjab Police. The report states that the followers of Amritpal were protesting the detain of Lovepreet Singh and Baldev Singh. Lovepreet Singh is also famously known as Toofan and both criminals were detained in the link of the abducting and assault case.

The followers of Waris Punjab De did not like it and the chief of this group along with his followers marched towards the Ajnala Police station, where the suspects had taken place and police personnel was outnumbered by the supporters. Those people who were protesting broke through the police barricades and forcefully entered the police station with guns and swords. The report states that the chief of the group, Amritpal Singh had previously declared that he and his followers were planning for the protest and they would protest outside the Ajnala police station.

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On Thursday, 16th February 2023, the case has been lodged against Kulwant Singh Rauke, Amritpal Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Papalpreet Singh, Bikramjit Singh, and 20 other unrecognized people at the Ajnala Police station. Amongst all these names, the name of Toofan Singh is trending on social media and people want to know more about him. The real name of Toofan Singh is Lovepreet Singh and he is a citizen of the Gurdaspur district located in Punjab. His name came into the news after he detain the link to the abducting and assault case. He is also a member of the Waris Punjab De group. Basically, it is an organization directed by Amritpal Singh Khalsa who was engaged in a protest demanding the release of his organization members.

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