Who Is Jason Agron? Meet Dianna Agron Brother, Family Details and More

Here is detailed information about Dianna Agron, follow us around to know about her brother, family, personal life, and more. Read the article for more insights. Dianna Agron is an American singer, dancer, and actress, born on April 30, 1986, in Savannah, Georgia. She was born in a middle-class family in Savannah before moving to Texas and later to San Francisco, California. Agron has appeared in many films and TV shows throughout her career. She is most notably recognized for portraying Quinn Fabray, the head cheerleader, in the popular TV series GLEE which aired from 2009 to 2015. Besides Quinn Fabray, her other notable roles include Sarah Hart in the young adult adaption.

Dianna Agron

Who Is Jason Agron?

Similarly, she was also seen in films aimed at more diverse audiences, including Bare, and also appeared in other TV shows such as Heroes, CSI, Numb3rs, and Veronica Mars. In addition to acting, Dianaa has pursued a career in music. She released her debut album in 2017. She has also appeared in music videos for artists like the killers Sam Smith, and Travis Mills. Moreover, she also won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 2010 for her wonderful role in Glee. Here’s about Dianna’s brother Jason Agron.

Meet Dianna Agron Brother

Jason Agron, the brother of actress and singer Dianna Agron and was born and raised in San Francisco. He is known to be a professional photographer. Prior to finding passion and success in the world of photography, he also worked as a research scientist at Intel Corporation, a producer at Photobomb Production, and a warehouse and logistics operator. Moreover, he tried acting, but his career was short-lived as he only appeared on the screen once in the TV series. Unlike his celebrity sister, Jason has maintained a not-so-vibrant and quiet life. Nonetheless, he is very close to his sister as they were raised together and he has always been there for her since her early career days.

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Jason Agron Family

Dianna is brought up by Mary Agron and Ronald Agron. Marry is a seamstress, and Ronald is a former general manager of the Hyatt Hotels. Her father was born to a Jewish family, while her mother converted to Judaism before they married. Agron and her brother were raised Jewish, and she attended Hebrew school. Sadly, when Agron was just 15 years old, she discovered that her father suffered from multiple sclerosis, eventually leading to her parent’s separation. Despite facing racism and being bullied for being a Jew, Agron is a practicing Jew and knows Hebrew. She also visited Israel in 2016 to study her faith.

Dianna has described her family as a supportive and loving part of her life. he credits her parents for all their unconditional love and motivation. Her family has also played a vital role in her career and life in general. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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