Who Are Bang Chan’s Parents: Father Jack Bahng And Mother Jessica Bahng

Born on October 3, 1997, Bang Chan originally hailed from Sydney, Australia. During his formative years, he participated in dance classes at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, where he engaged in various dance styles, including modern and ballet. At the tender age of 13, Bang Chan remarkably secured a spot in JYP Entertainment’s audition in Australia, held in 2010. This pivotal achievement led him to return to Korea to undergo training, and on April 11, 2011, he officially joined the company.

Bang Chan

Who Are Bang Chan’s Parents

During his tenure at JYP Entertainment, Bang Chan formed close bonds with now-prominent K-pop groups such as TWICE, GOT7, and DAY6, all of whom achieved their debut milestones as he continued his training for a remarkable span of 7 years. In the latter portion of 2016, he took the initiative to establish a hip-hop crew named 3RACHA. Collaborating with fellow trainees HAN (known as “J.One”) and Changbin (nicknamed “SPEARB”), Bang Chan, under the alias “CB97,” contributed to this creative endeavor. The crew shared their self-composed extended plays on SoundCloud throughout the year 2017.

Bang Chan parents

That same year, specifically on October 11, JYP Entertainment officially unveiled his picture and name as he prepared to participate in the reality show titled “Stray Kids.” The culmination of the show, airing on December 19, 2017, revealed Bang Chan as the designated leader of the newly formed boy group named Stray Kids, a role he would take on with distinction. The group’s accomplishments have been notable, with one of their songs achieving triple-million certification in album sales. This achievement has placed them as the second-ever group in Korean history to attain such a feat. Their cumulative album sales across both Korean and Japanese releases have now surpassed 10 million units. Given his role as the accomplished leader of such an impressive group, it’s only natural that the interest in Bang Chan and his background, including details about his parents, would be substantial.

Bang Chan Family

Bang Chan’s parents are named Jack Bahng and Jessica Bahng, and they are both striking individuals in their own right. Bang Chan’s father, Jack Bahng, made his debut on Instagram in July 2023, and his initial post created a buzz among fans. The picture depicted him with an unbuttoned shirt that revealed his well-defined six-pack abs, taken around fifteen years ago. Many were pleasantly surprised by the attractiveness of Bang Chan’s father. The other half of Bang Chan’s parents, Jessica Bahng, is equally beautiful. She maintains a YouTube channel where she shares short real-life videos, and this platform has garnered over 122k subscribers.

However, her most significant following exists on her Instagram account (@jessicabahng), which boasts over 428k followers and consistently garners hundreds of thousands of likes. This underscores the substantial fan base that she has cultivated. Beyond being the parents of Bang Chan, Jack Bahng and Jessica Bahng are also the proud parents of another son named Lucas Bang and a daughter named Hannah Bahng, who is a budding singer and songwriter.

Hannah Bahng, born on February 9, 2004, has gained recognition for her independent efforts in the world of online content creation. She rose to fame by engaging in trending dances and lip-syncing on her self-titled TikTok account, amassing over 4.1 million followers. In the autumn of 2021, she launched her YouTube channel, where she shares candid vlogs and vocal covers. Her debut was met with instant success, as her first video garnered a million views. Most recently, on July 14, 2023, she made her musical debut with the single album titled “Perfect Blues.” This emotional folk song narrates her journey of self-discovery. Hannah’s aspiration was to establish her own identity as Hannah Bahng, rather than being solely recognized as Bang Chan’s sister. The release of “Perfect Blues” marked a pivotal stage for her, signifying the commencement of her musical career.

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