What Happened to Roxy Mitchell in EastEnders? Return confirmed

Fans always like to know new updates on their favourite show, and if there is news going viral over the internet that one of the characters is dying. They like to know what happens to them, why they are dying and what will be going to happen if they die. And that’s happing over the internet, the public like to know what happened in EastEnders to Roxy Mitchell. Everyone is going over the internet to know what’s happing in the show. For our readers, we have brought all the information they like to know regarding the show. Keep reading to know more.

Roxy Mitchell

What Happened to Roxy Mitchell in EastEnders?

Together with her sister Ronnie Mitchell, Roxy Mitchell passed away on January 1, 2017. Roxy suffered from drug misuse and frequent drinking despite her hopes to move to Ongar with her husband Jack Branning, and their children Matthew Cotton, Ricky Mitchell, and Amy. Roxy made a scene at a New Year’s Eve party and called her mother Glenda Mitchell and half-brother Danny Mitchell to come get her. Roxy was reluctant at first to go to Ronnie and Jack’s wedding, but she finally made up with her sister and persuaded her to be honest about wanting Roxy to go with them to Ongar.

Roxy Mitchell
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The couple agreed to have Roxy join them after telling Jack the truth, and they married in front of their loved ones. Despite Roxy Mitchell’s passing six years ago, Rita Simons, who played the character on EastEnders, will be making a comeback. Roxy won’t manifest as a ghost, though. In a subsequent episode of the BBC series, she will be depicted as “a creation of her daughter Amy Mitchell’s imagination.” At the 2008 National Television Awards, Simons’ portrayal of the vivacious Mitchell family member won her the Most Popular Newcomer honour. She previously appeared in a cameo as Roxy’s voice in May 2019.

Roxy Mitchell

A well-known British television soap opera called EastEnders debuted on BBC One in February 1985. It was made by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, and it takes place in the East End of London’s fictional borough of Walford. The programme depicts the daily activities of locals and their families in a striking and compelling manner. EastEnders rose to the top of the BARB television ratings within eight months of its debut and has been one of the most popular programmes in Britain ever since. In reality, episodes of EastEnders have consistently ranked among the top 10 most-watched television shows in the UK, with the 1986 Christmas Day episode topping the list with nearly 30 million people.

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