Where Is Bert Kreischer? Is He In Jail? Comedian’s Arrest Rumors Viral On Social Media

When it comes to news about celebrities you can not easily trust social media sources. Recently, rumors broke out that famous American comedian Bert Kreischer was arrested, leaving his fans and followers in a frenzy to know why he was arrested and what led him to get arrested. Several questions are swirling in their minds regarding Bert Kreischer’s arrest rumors. As many of our readers are also showing curiosity in knowing the same, it was compelled for us to cover this story. In the following sections, we have comprehensibly addressed the ongoing arrest rumors of Bert Kreischer. You need to go through the article till the end to learn if Bert Kreischer is in jail. Swipe down the page.

Bert Kreischer
Let us find out what happened to Bert and learn why he is in jail? (Source: Instagram/bertkreischer)

What Happened To Bert Kreischer: He Is In Jail?

Comedian Bert Kreischer always has been in the limelight and made a splash with his unique podcasts and comedy specials. But nowadays he has been part of trending headlines because of his arrest news that has no concrete evidence at all. Currently, Bert Kreischer has been part of strange rumors and stories on the internet because his fans are skeptical about his arrest rumors. Is he in jail? This question has arisen in every one of his fans’ minds. Learn the answer to this question in the next section.

Simply the answer to this question is no, he is not in jail. The ongoing rumors about Bert Kreischer’s arrest are unfounded. Now you must be wondering what sparked Bert Kreischer’s arrest rumors. It all started with Bert’s 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast where Bert Kreischer’s co-host Tom Segura raised eyebrows over Bert Kreischer’s arrest rumors. In the podcast show, the co-host says Bert Kreischer was doing a little bit of time in jail at the time of recording this episode. However, Tom Segura did not reveal further details of Bert Kreischer’s arrest. He just only said “Hopefully, his legal matters resolve themselves,”

Bert Kreischer
Bert Kreischer and Tom are like best buds who fool around and keep people entertained. (Source: Instagram/bertkreischer)

The co-host of 2 Bears, 1 Cave, further added I know that he has the best attorneys you can hire. He’s [also] got a lot of health troubles so they’re taking care of him in the medical ward of the jail. A fan on TikTok commented he could not wait to hear Bert’s stand-up that came from his experience. You must be perplexed if Bert is arrested or not. Later it was confirmed that Bert’s arrest news was nothing more than sort of Tom’s public pranks. This time Tom did it at Bert’s expense.  We debunk the news of Bert’s arrest and claim that the comedian hasn’t been put behind bars in recent times. This article is contrary to the claims that Bert has been arrested. We suggest you never believe social media claims about celebrities.

Bert Kreischer is a talented entertainer and comedian who is famous for his wild stories, stand-up shows, and podcasts. He is also known as The Machine. The American comedian got the nickname The Machine because of his skits and standup shows. Bert has been striving in this field since college. Bert used his wild stories and experiences to make them hilarious stand-up routines. Eventually, Bert emerged as a renowned comedian. Now he also has a Netflix special show.

Bert Kreischer
Bert Kreischer is also famous for the nickname, The Machine. (Source: Instagram/bertkreischer)

Moreover, he also hosts a popular podcast show titled 2 Bears 1 Cave, alongside co-host Tom Segura. Shedding light on his career achievements, he has presented several TV shows as well such as Hurt Bert, Trip Flip, and Bert the Conqueror. You may be surprised but Bert is also the author of Life of The Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man Child.

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