What happened In between Fandy Christian and Dahlia Poland? cheating allegation explored

Netizens have been trying to unfold the details of Fandy Christian’s girlfriend though he is married to his wife Dahlia Poland. There are innumerable people who are taking over the internet to search for who is Fandy Christian’s girlfriend. But why? Everyone knows the television personality, Fandy Christian is married to his beloved wife Dahlia Poland but suddenly people started seeking details about his girlfriend. Does he have an extra-marital affair? Maybe yes or maybe no. You must be getting perplexed. Let us make you clear of all the perplexion. You should read the article till the end to find out who is Fandy Christian’s girlfriend. Drag down the page and follow this column till the end.

Fandy Christian

Fandy Christian and Dahlia Poland: cheating allegation

Fandy Christian and Dahlia Poland are famous households. They are often seen harmoniously but nowadays they have been the talk of the town since Dahlia Poland shared a screenshot of a conversation that is said to be between Dahlia Poland’s husband Fandy Christian and another woman with whom he might be having an affair. Reportedly, Dahlia took to her Instagram handle and shared a snapshot of a conversation between Fandy Christian and a woman suspected of being Andi Annisa Iasyah. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Fandy Christian

Fandy Christian Selingkuh

The screenshot that Dahlia Poland shared on social media on Monday, May 15 shows, Fandy and the lady he calls Cha expressing their affection for each other. In the chat, Fandy Christian says, “Thank you very much for caring, I love you already. Thanks a lot. I’m not fussy about not interfering. You made me feel better and earlier I was able to say luck and just shut up in front of a lot of people. I love you” And in reply to Fandy, the lady writes, “I love you fans, thank you for paying attention and listening to me hehe hehe,” Drag down the page and read more details.

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Fandy Christian

Selingkuhan Fandy Christian

Dahlia Poland did not reveal the name of the woman who is allegedly having an affair with her husband but she marked the television actor Andi Annisa Iasyah in the story and tagged her by writing, “Bravo @andiansyah,” This is why people have been searching for Fandi Christian’s girlfriend though he is married to Dahlia Poland. Andi Annisa Iasyah is allegedly having an illicit relationship with Dahlia Poland’s husband. Point to be noted, Fandi and Andi work together in a soap opera titled Ratu di Hatiku. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Fandy Christian

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