What Did Mark Latham Tweet To Alex Greenwich? Twitter Comment Explained

Sometimes, some unofficial tweets by officials have become a reason for discussion on the Internet and can even capture the attention of the entire world due to discussions and replies by other sources. Many people are trying to collect more details about the recent activity taking place between a gay MP and an NSW One Nationa Leader who has been identified as Mark Latham. According to the official details, a gay MP whose name has not been revealed was targeted by NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham in a homophobic tweet and has hit back with a classy response. Let’s find out from where it started and how did it become a reason for discussion.

Mark Latham

What Did Mark Latham Tweet?

On Thursday, Mr. Latham posted the tweets in reaction to criticism of him for his participation in an event where LGBTQIA+ protesters were targeted by openly gay MP Alex Greenwich. Mr. Greenwich said last week,” Mark Latham is a disgusting human being and people who are considering voting for One Nation need to realize they are voting for an extremely hateful and dangerous individual who risks causing a great deal of damage to our state”. After this, there was a reply given by Latham who wrote,” Disgusting? How does that compare with -” before making a crude reference to a sexual act?

Mark Latham

On Thursday night, Mr. Greenwich responded to the controversy on Twitter by uploading a photo of himself and his husband. In response, Mr. Alex Greenwich wrote,” For those wondering how I’m doing after Latham’s homophobic attacks today, I’m fine and I’m more motivated than ever to deliver long overdue LGBTIQA+ reforms… and I have the most handsome husband”. After the tweet was made online, it remained online for around three hours before it was deleted officially.

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Mark Latham

Mark Latham’s Twitter Comment

The exchange comes after hundreds of Christian protestors targeted LGBTQIA+ activists outside a church where Mr. Latham gave a speech last Tuesday. The “Christian Lives Matter” group was seen on video throwing bottles and rocks at a small gathering of LGBTQIA+ protestors who were opposing Mr. Latham. Mr. Alex Greenwich said that Mr. Latham’s views “belong in the past” but wished to move on from them.

Mark Latham

He also said in a statement,” I understand this tweet has been taken down, and I don’t intend to engage with the matter further. My focus in the next parliament will be working with the majority of members who support the LGBTQ community to progress important reforms, remove discrimination and make it clear these views belong in the past”. Later, the tweet has been also criticized by One Nation’s leader Pauline Hanson.

What Did Mark Latham Say To Alex Greenwich?

Later, Ms. Hanson took her Twitter handles and shared a video of herself saying,” I want you to know that I don’t condone them and neither do my members of parliament or party associated. I think they are disgusting. I have actually tried to ring Mark a couple of times, to no avail, and I have clearly sent a text message to him, telling him my views and also I have asked him to give the people an apology”. Along with this, it was reported that a person is pushed to the ground and police are also targeted by the protestors.

Mark Latham

The One Nation leader’s tweets have been heavily criticized. Many people come ahead to involve in this matter and with this, a refugee advocate Shane Bazzi wrote online,” Mark Latham has deleted these disgusting homophobic tweets without apology or explanation (not that any apology would be genuine anyway”. Hugh Riminton, a lead channel 10 Journalist and presenter said,” Extraordinary. This is One Nation NSW Leader #MarkLatham referring today to another elected politician who happens to be gay”. Now, the topic has become a discussion on the Internet and many big personalities are showing their interest in this matter.

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Who Is Mark Latham?

Born as Mark William Latham, he is an Australian politician and as well as media commentator, who was a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council. Along with this, he also served as the leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and leader of the opposition from December 2003 to January 2005. Since he left the Australian Labor Party and joined Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, gaining a seat for the said party in the New South Wales Legislative Council at the 2019 New South Wales state election.

Mark Latham

Mark Latham was born in Syndey and took his education in economics at the University of Sydney. He joined the Labor Party at a young age and worked as a research assistant to Gough Whitlam and Bob Carr.

In 1987, he won a seat on the Liverpool City Council, and in 1991, he was elected mayor. Latham won the 1994 Werriwa by-election and was elected to the House of Representatives. In the 1996 federal election, he was a component of Labor’s shadow cabinet; however, in 1998, he resigned from the front bench due to a disagreement with Kim Beazley, the party’s leader.

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