Wendy Williams New Husband: Is She Married Again? Divorce Settlement

Here is everything about Wendy Williams’s new husband. On social media, some rumors claim that she got married again in 2024. This rumor has gained the attention of a lot of people as it is a completely shocking rumor. Since this rumor has gone viral people are talking about Wendy Williams’s divorce settlements controversy. So here are all the details of the viral rumor, husband, and divorce. So read this article till the last and do not miss any line of this article.

Wendy Williams
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Who Is Wendy Williams’s New Husband?

The rumors of their new husband Wendy Williams have a big shock to her fans and followers. A lot of people are now asking or the reality of this rumor. So the reality is that Wendy Williams is not married again in 2024. She has not gone married to anyone else now. She has done two marriages and both of her marriages didn’t work out. The rumor of her new husband is completely fake and there is no truth behind it. There is a lot of speculation about her love life which all are completely unconfirmed. Scroll down to learn more.

According to the source, in 2022, a Wendy Williams representative claimed that she was dating a New York City Police Department officer named Henry. William Slebly then confirmed to people that the relationship between Wendy and Henry was in the early stages. So regarding that there are rumors of her new husband and marriage. So to state this rumor false, Selby officially announced that Wdny has not gone married to her new partner. And the details of her new partner have not been disclosed yet. Continue reading.

Wendy Williams
(Image Source: Women’s Health)

Now it’s time to learn about Wendy Williams’s past marriages. Wendy Williams has done two marriages in her life but sadly both of his marriages didn’t last for a long time. She first got married to Bert Girigori in 1994. He is a sales and marketing professional and currently, he is working at G2 Marketing. They both first met each other when Bert was working at a New York-based radio station. They dated each other for some years and then they got married, then they got divorced in 1995. The reason behind their divorce was never disclosed publicly. Scroll down to the next paragraph of its article to learn more.

Then in 1999, Wendy Williams got married to Kevin Hunter, who was her manager and the producer of her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. Their marriage lasted for two decades and they got divorced in 2020. Now the talks come on Wendy Williams’s divorce settlement. So the divorce of her from her first husband was finalized in 1995 and then the divorce of her from her second husband was finalized in January 2020. A New Jersey judge finalized the divorce between Wendy and Kevin. They opted out of paying alimony. Keep reading in the next paragraph to learn more.

Wendy Williams
(Image Source: Women’s Health)

Sources have revealed that regarding the shared home in Livingston, New Jersey, Wendy Williams, and Kevin both agreed to split the profit from its sales. Wendy is not required to pay alimony and she gives Kevin $250,000 to assist with his relocation from their last home. Then he gave up his shares in their production company for an undisclosed sum and severance package. So Wendy agreed to keep a new $1 million life insurance policy with Kevin as the beneficiary if she were to pass away.

Here we learned that Wendy Williams’s new husband rumor is completely fake. She has not been married to anyone this year. We also covered the details of her divorce settlements. We hope that you liked this informative article. We also hope that you keep supporting PKB News.

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