WATCH: Paul Mashatile’s VIP bodyguards served with a suspension letter for assaulting 3 civilians

Breaking News: Deputy President Paul Mashatile’s VIP bodyguards have been suspended following a disturbing incident on Gauteng’s N1 motorway in which they were seen on camera beating drivers. According to the South African National Defense Union, the three victims that were attacked by these guardians were all defense personnel. Outrage over the event has led to requests for a thorough probe into the bodyguards’ behavior. The frightening event happened on the N1 expressway in Gauteng, where the VIP bodyguards for Deputy President Paul Mashatile got into a fight with other drivers. The bodyguards’ use of violence against the victims, who were eventually identified as defense force members, was caught on camera. The reason for the attack is yet unknown, which raises questions about the behavior and instruction of VIP protection staff.

why VIP bodyguards served with suspension letter

Why Paul Mashatile’s VIP bodyguards served with a suspension letter

The VIP bodyguards accused of the attack have been fired as a result of the public publication of the video evidence. The competent authorities’ swift response indicates their dedication to maintaining the rule of law and making sure that those who have engaged in misbehavior are held accountable. The suspension is a required action to enable a complete investigation of the situation. The South African National Defense Union has been actively involved in the case of the assault on behalf of the victims who are defense force personnel.

VIP bodyguards served with suspension letter

Watch VIP bodyguards assaulting 3 civilians

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) has reportedly spoken with the victims and instructed them not to cooperate with the police during the current inquiry, according to the union. This guidance attempts to uphold the objectivity of the inquiry and defend the victims’ rights. Numerous people have condemned the event and demanded accountability and justice. Concerns concerning the misuse of authority and unnecessary use of force by individuals in charge of guarding senior officials have been voiced by members of the public and civil society groups. A thorough investigation is increasingly needed to learn the truth and guarantee that the offenders face the proper disciplinary and legal action.

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The attack on the N1 motorway in Gauteng has brought attention to the requirement for a comprehensive assessment of VIP protection services in South Africa. Due to this occurrence, concerns have been raised concerning VIP bodyguard supervision, responsibility, and training. In order to prevent such occurrences in the future and to preserve the safety and well-being of all residents, it is critical that the authorities take advantage of this chance to review and modify the policies and procedures regulating VIP protection. For further updates stay tuned to pkb news.

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