Vikram Lander Landing Video, Images, Size & Weight

Discover the live update, images, size, and weight of Vikram Lander’s landing video. Follow us around for insights and fresh updates. As you all know, India’s most awaited and ambitious project Chandrayan’s lander, Vikram is all set to land on the surface of the moon. The anticipated event will occur on August 23, 2023, at around 6.04 pm. Currently, 1.42 billion people have raised eyebrows to witness the historic moment.

Vikram Lander Landing Video

Vikram Lander Landing Video

There is so much unknown about Chandrayan’s Vikram Lander Landing Video, live updates, and other things. The Vikram Landing Video telecast has kept curiousness among people and in the minds of the Indian space organization ISRO has made the arrangements to broadcast the event live on their official page.

The video will be streamed live on ISRO’s YouTube and Facebook pages. The Big screen of your TV through the government channel DD National and various other news channels.

It will definitely be a treat to the eyes of many of the people in Space’s Lunar mission. The Vikram was launched on July 14, 2023, and aimed at a soft landing on the South Pole of the Moon on August 23, 2023.

Vikram Lander Landing Video

Reportedly, science students, youths, and adults are all curious and wish to know Vikram Lander’s status.

ISRO is continuously tracking the lander in the space and is also providing updates for us on its official page. You can track the live status of the lander can visiting ISRO’s official website to follow the status.

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Over there, you may discover up-to-date information about the landing and status of the lander. For updates on the actual event, you may also witness the live monitoring telecasted on YouTube.

You may also follow them on Facebook and DD National to remain informed about the lander’s live status. The lander’s health and the Moon’s circumstances will be taken into consideration by ISRO experts two hours prior to the landing time while determining whether or not to land.

However, the landing is scheduled for August 23 and if not, it is scheduled for August 27. The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter has officially established a link with the Lunar Module of Chandrayaan-3.

According to an announcement made by ISRO on Monday, August 21, 2023. The smooth landing will be a historic event that ignites the people’s interest and desire for exploration.

ISRO has extended an invitation to all educational establishments nationwide to participate actively in this occasion. ISRO has requested them to inform their students of the advantages that will arise from the mission’s accomplishment.

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