Tom Starling Arrest: What Did The Police Do When They Arrested NRL Star?

Recently the NRL star Tom Starling is going viral over the internet as the news about his arrest broke to the public. When the public gets to know about him they all started to go over the internet to know about him and about his case. The news about him was very shocking to the public. In this article, we are going to give the details about him. Not only that we are also going to give the details about his arrest in this article to our readers. Keep reading through the article to learn more bout him and his arrest case.

Tom Starling

Tom Starling Arrest

Officially under criminal investigation are three police officers who participated in the violent arrest of NRL star Tom Starling in 2020 in a pub on the NSW central coast. The whore, 25, was first charged with seven offenses, including assault and assaulting an officer while performing his duty, in what Starling’s NRL coach with the Canberra Raiders, Ricky Stuart, called an “appalling” episode. After all of Starling’s accusations were eventually dismissed, the three policemen are now the subject of a criminal inquiry by the Professional Standards Command, according to Wednesday’s 2GB radio host Ben Fordham. The change comes after Magistrate Daniel Covington said in February that the incident’s police officers were acting improperly.

Tom Starling

During the arrest, Starling was repeatedly punched in the face by police, as seen on CCTV, which Covington described as a “free for all.” Josh Starling of the NRL sustained injuries from a fight with NSW police in 2020. When he made that statement, he was speaking in Sydney’s Downing Centre Court. “One more often seen in a street fight than officers on duty,” he remarked. Obviously, nothing occurred besides Tom being attacked. Senior Constable Daniel Drew also acknowledged before the court that he had “no reason to hit Starling.” The Starling brothers celebrated a friend’s 21st birthday in a pub on the night in question, the court was told earlier this year.

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Tom Starling

Three of the officers engaged in the event will be the subject of a criminal inquiry by the Professional Standards Command, 2GB radio host Ben Fordham disclosed on Wednesday. The two accusations of assault against an officer against the younger Starling were dropped, but he was convicted guilty of assault against Mr. Morris and resisting police. According to the ABC, he received an 18-month parole sentence without being found guilty. Samar Singh-Panwar, Starling’s attorney, also said in February that a civil lawsuit against the NSW police for their actions is still a possibility.

Tom Starling Tom Starling

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