Who Is Tim Shaddock? Australian Sailor Rescued after months stranded in ocean

Humans and animals do many things for their survival. Nowadays, it is easy for humans to get survival without making much effort but in ancient times they did many things from living to eating. We often say that we can’t live without phones, lavish food, homes, and so on, but when you face real challenges, you understand that only food and water are enough for survival. Now you must be thinking why suddenly we are talking about such a thing, so the reason is that a man who is in the news has shocked people with his survival story.

Tim Shaddock

Who Is Tim Shaddock? Australian Sailor Rescued

The man was stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for 2 months and now finally he has been rescued along with his dog. The real-life story of an Aussie sailor will enthrall you, so keep on reading this blog to know everything in detail. According to a popular news website, an Australian sailor and his dog have been rescued after both spent months drifting on the Pacific Ocean. For his survival, he ate raw fish and drank rainwater. The rescued sailor and dog have been identified as Tim Shaddock and Bella. They were picked up by a tuna trawler off the coast of Mexico after a chopper accompanying the ship spotted them.

Tim Shaddock

The sailor left La Paz in Mexico in the month of April bound for French Polynesia but a few weeks into the voyage a storm harmed the electronics on his ship. The sailor stated he was forced to drift for 2 months with only his canine for company with the duo drinking rainwater and raw fish to stay alive. The video of his astonishing rescue get by the media viewed a lean Tim Shaddock sporting an overgrown grey beard as he talk to authorities. Bella, the dog of Shaddock was watched wagging her tail at the camera crew who shoot the catamaran of a sailor littered with buckets and other equipment.

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Tim Shaddock

In the video, he can be heard telling a man from the vessel that “I have just got fishing gear, survival gear.” He further states that he had abided by the trawler and had not eaten sufficient food for a quite long time. He states that “I am damn tired and wanting to do some rest and some real and good food to eat because I have been alone at the river for 2 months.” His story has been shared by multiple news websites and people are appreciating his determination for survival and how he took care of his dog in that tough time.

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